RFFF(Really Fucking Fast Floss)

By Bushwacka FPV on Jun 02, 2017

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My first dedicated race rig.

266 grams prior to battery.

So I got fly this thing yesterday. It was first thought off to meet the requirements of my local race series 3s spec class and be optimized for that. Eventually it will run racekraft 3 blades on 1300Mah 3s batteries, but since my HK order is late I am running it dual blades today with 850 Graphene 3s packs and hoping I have enough juice to finish....

The pleasant surprise is running 1000mah and 1300mah 4s batteries seems to be fine and its really a rocket. this is only my 3rd 5 inch quad first was a Space One(on my rotorbuilds), and second was a Chameleon(still not consistent so not listed). The best way I can describe flying it is, is it turn like a brushless micro even on 2 blades, with acceleration AND top speed that is unmatched by anything I have ever owned even on the 9 dollar a motor RCX motor(which weigh 24 grams a piece a BTW). With a quad so light a 45 degree camera angle seems to work best as anything lower I can not hit the throttle and stay low. Which bring up IMO the only downside to this frame. The camera mount while light really struggle to hold the camera in place even with hot glueing the 3d pieces to the stand offs.

IMO the only things that can be improved on the frame is the camera mount and an option for a Runcam Mini to be even more weight weeny about it.

Once the pryo drone 2204/2722 kv motor come back into stock, I plan to build another one to run 4s only on triblades. That build should come in about 20 grams lighter than this, since I am going to use a DYS F4 eliminating the need for a PDB, and with the lighter motors. If they come out with a runcam micro mount that would be sick as well.



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metoo   Jun 04, 2017  

I have a mount for the micro. I'll be putting it on Thingiverse soon.

Bushwacka FPV   Jun 04, 2017 

sick my next floss build needs that.

Jimskane   Jul 09, 2017 

Got a link for the printed vtx03 mount or anything else fun?

JC250   Jun 04, 2017  

The creator of this frame (kababfpv) says that this frame is tough enough for freestyle since the builds are potentiallly around 250g. What is your experience with the durability of this frame and how well does it protect its components (specifically the motors)? Iv had a bad experience with my qavx clone with breaking motors and want to transfer my components over in the near future if it is as durable as kababfpv says

Bushwacka FPV   Jun 05, 2017 

Well I have only been flying this for 3 days and about 15 packs...... so I really do not know. I also have never owned a QAV-rx

One day running gates, and 2 days tuning and running virtual gates in my backyard. I have only hit the ground, electric fences, and small branches. It only been flown over grass. Thick grass at that.

I think it does have freestyle merrit for sure just realize that is not as smooth as a heavy bigger motor quad. My other 5 inch right now is a Chameleon and that is a ton easier to fly because it has the torque to pull out of bad choices. with that said the floss with some lower KV motors and Tris might be the ticket. In fast forward flight I am not sure how many quads are even close to the performance of this thing.

Stay tuned in less than 2 weeks I am hoping to build my second floss down around 200 grams with 2204 PyroDrone. 3000kv.

ftj_85   Jun 04, 2017  

clean ..awesome work

Bushwacka FPV   Jun 04, 2017 

thanks man.

RocketSquidFPV   Jun 04, 2017  

I highly recommend not running 3s. That's just cruel... The quad wants to be free :)

Bushwacka FPV   Jun 04, 2017 

Lol it just for one race class, its run 4s above. Read the above description. Trust me with the exception of 3s race classes, and 4000vk and higher 3 inch and smaller builds I am 4s all the ways. :)

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