Lil Hound

By Walker on Jun 02, 2017

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This has quickly become my favorite 3". Built a Japalura with most of the same parts and man oh man does the Mini Cerberus fly better. Have crashed into every surface imaginable - even through the roof of my greenhouse - and this little tank isn't even starting to delaminate.


Part List


Cerberus Mini V1 Warranty Claim Form (9 builds)

Flight Controller

PIKO BLX Micro Flight Controller - Change the Way You FPV.SKU: FPV-PIKOBLX (32 builds)


2 x Furious FPV SILKY 20A 8BB2 2in1 BLHELI-S ESCSKU: FPV-0049-S (2 builds)


Tornado T1 1407 3600kV (195 builds)


RaceKraft 3076 3" Tri 3-Blade Prop (Set of 4) - Red, Smoke, Blue, Green, Purple (8 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift 2 (198 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 V3 (RP-SMA) (101 builds)




FrSky XM+ SBUS 2.4GHz Mini ReceiverDefault Title (1403 builds)


Bonka Power 850MAH 4S 75C XT-60 (3 builds)

Power Distribution

Piko PDB (3 builds)
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duffa123   Dec 06, 2017  

Hey, I'm looking to build a 3" and am considering both the Cerberus Mini and the Japalura - what in particular do you like better about the Cerberus?

Walker   Dec 09, 2017 

I really should update that comment. After a lot of screwing around with the tune I ended up liking the Japalura’s planted feel in the air a bit better.

What I can say for the Cerberus is that it’s a much more durable design cut from higher quality carbon. I’ve broken the Japalura’s bottom plate twice, and the Cerberus is still choochin despite harder crashes than the ones that totaled the Japalura.

Personally I think both of the frames in question are too heavy for 3”. If you want the Japalura, get it in 4”, which should do a better job hauling its fat ass around.

Personally I’m not flying 3” much anymore. It is somehow louder than 5” and none of my builds are really light enough to fly how I want... Gonna build a Splitshark when the frames drop, but that’s a different animal than 1407 3”.

I guess what I’m trying to say is go as light as possible if you want to have a good time in 3” land, and that advice basically disqualifies both frames in question.

duffa123   Dec 11, 2017 

Thanks for your response - very helpful. After further consideration, I've decided to build a 3" using the GEPRC Sparrow frame which seems to be the lightest option available.

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