Barricade V2

By CesiumSalami on Jun 06, 2017

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Before the Hoverbot and 1103's I had plans to build this 56mm build with prop guards for 1104's. Built a few test frame, did this, did that - tweaked the design. Then the 1103's came out and so did the hover bot. I had some other designs that tried to distinguish themselves from the Hoverbot, but ultimately, their product was so fantastic that I ended up taking A LOT of cues from their design. While it's not a clone, the design was close enough that I did check with their team before releasing any design files. It's fully 3D printable and a BLAST to fly! The carbon base is available from Armattan for like ~$12. It definitely helps...but in nylon the 3d printed version was happy tumbling down stairs and smacking trees. Do yourself a favor though and avoid the FC and ESC listed below - neither use M3 hardware and the stack is somewhat structural, so .... using M2 hardware is no fun. ALSO the weird top for this is because I blew up my TX02's VTX - had a VTX from a previous brushed build and just took the cam from the TX02. I have some weird props on there right now cut to 54mm (which is required when using the pod pictured above) but 56mm props should fit with a standard came mount .... but the GemFan 2035's awesome! I'd recommend those or cutting down gemfan 3025 or HQ3030's. If you can't tell, I'm big into zip ties and rubber bands... don't judge.



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