Realaac X210 with Lumenier Race Pod

By faken on Jun 16, 2017

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I wanted to build something specifically for races but still keep the costs low - this is the result I came up with.

If somebody want's to get his quad build by me, please just let me know



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FlyingBox   3 days ago  

I would suggest NOT to ziptie the elco to the battery's connector as you may damage it. The build is super elegant though, well done.

faken   3 days ago 

Actually, I've relocated the capacitor to the front of the flight controller. Now it sits vertically between the FC and FPV Cam.
Had to do it because I couldn't fit the Race Pod otherwise.

Croops   6 days ago  

What size (diameter) are those black wire covers? I got some for my build but really struggled to get them on as I think they may have been too small!

Very slick build btw - love it!

faken   6 days ago 

I've got these cable sleevings from my local arts and craft store. They are 3 to 7mm sleevings.
It's a bit tricky to install them, basically, you have to compress them a bit and "snake" them over the cable.
This video explains it pretty good:

Croops   6 days ago 

Oh man I wish I had seen that video a few weeks ago! Thanks heaps dude

Currently   8 days ago  

Is that a legit way to mount the motor wires? If so, I'm gonna do that!

faken   8 days ago 

Works just fine!
Actually, hat to mount them like this because the pod is super tight around the pads of the 4in1 ESC. So there was no way of mounting the wires outside. And with the sleeving, you don't have to worry about prop strikes.

Currently   6 days ago 


Querk   8 days ago  

amazing build! How heavy is it? thanks

faken   8 days ago 

It clocks in at exactly 299grams.

notmojack   11 days ago  

The cleanliness is akin to godliness.

TheMrJahn   11 days ago  

Very beautiful and clean build! Like it very much! Good job!

faken   11 days ago 

Thank you!

Lam3tta   11 days ago  

Beautiful motor/esc wiring job! Nice idea to keep it neat and clean.

faken   11 days ago 

Thank you very much!

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