MRM Spaz 6" Stretch Reaper

By MattS on Jun 23, 2017

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Built this as a light weight 6" long range racer - but wait, light weight? Why are you using T-Motor Fat60s??? Well, I did at first - V2 now has an old, unused set of Cobra 2204 1960kv which dropped over 40grams in weight and WAY increased efficiency. Cause that's what I had on hand... Currently the build comes in at 290g with props, but could drop that a little more by dumping the GoPro mount and some other crap. With the new (old) Cobras - I got 15 minutes in flight time using a R-Line 1550 spinning DAL 6040s.
DVR Footage from long maiden flight.



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Ikuiku   Feb 11, 2019  

Did you find the micro camra mounts on Thingiverse? If so could you please link the file? Your the only one running a micro camera one Rotorbuilds. Thanks!

MattS   23 days ago 

Le Hyphy Accessories found on #Thingiverse

Querk   Jun 27, 2017  

Which motors are you planning to switch to? Will you run 5s?

Querk   Jun 27, 2017 

nvm I can't read, still wondering about 5s though lol.

MattS   Jun 27, 2017 

LOL - I've done that more times than I care to admit. It's 5S capable, but not with 6" props on the current motors. 5" would be fine with 5S. If I were to swap to lower kv (maybe 2206/7 1800kv), then I'd attempt 5S with 6" props.

MattS   Sep 03, 2017 

Swapped motors to some old Cobra 2204 1960kv - I've seen some other guys test those motors on 5S (using HQ 6030s). Seemed to work ok. Gonna try for a long range flight this week.

Carbon_Rob   Jun 23, 2017  

Nice work. I bet it screams!

MattS   Jun 23, 2017 

I maidened it last night - I've got an ESC acting a little weird (under preforming making it bob/dive under heavy throttle). So I didn't get on it too much. Gonna try to get it figured out soon!

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