TBS Vendetta Rebirth

By TheMrJahn on Jun 24, 2017

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It's not my own build, but an upgrade of my old drone TBS Vendetta (not in a sell status now). I had some free time and an unused Cobra Golden 2205 2600kv motors, so decided to upgrade my old V. Changing stock Cobra 2204 2300kv motors was the reason to upgrade stock PowerCube v1 ESCs for a new, more powerful ESCs - TBS Bulletproof 25A 6S v2. After soldering new ESCs and motors i decided to install new heavy props - EMAX T5050BN. Happy with my new "TBS Vendetta Rebirth".

Stock Colibri PIDs or Magnus tune are not suitable for this setup, still working with PIDs...
BTW Didn't change old Colibri Race v1.2 FC for a new v2 - old one works good for this build, no issues so far (BF3.1.7, BLHeli_s 16.65, Multishot).



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Philo777   Feb 08, 2019  

The Vendetta was so much fun to fly and super tuff! To bad they didnt choose to make a Vendetta II. I like what you have done with it great job

scottieo2007   Jun 26, 2017  

Hello. Looking at the Vendetta myself. Might just get a frame and build it up into a little FPV cruiser with GPS as racing is not my thing. Is it a nice little frame with heaps of room for building? My eyesight struggles these days with those tiny little racer builds so I might use some TBS electronics for the ease of plug and play. Also, do you know if they changed the frame on the V2 or is it the same as the V1? Nice little build BTW...good job :) Cheers.

TheMrJahn   Jun 26, 2017 

Frames of V1 and V2 aren't equal. Only thing that you can do with V - install different motors, reduce weight and install new versions of TBS components, so if you planning to try different FCs, ESCs, FPV Cameras - better to make your own build.

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