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By IcarusIX on Jun 29, 2017

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After a flyaway of my actual first quad (tsx220, brilliant frame) almost a year back, I needed something to get me back into the air so I made this using the spare parts of the flyaway.

edit lolll just realised I got no pics on this post ill put some on

Idk why but I loved flying smaller 4 inch props on bigger motors a while ago but now Im a fan of higher kv and biblades (good response turned into wanting response and speed i guess)
much sad pic of me switching burned escs on the tsx220 I had a lonnng time ago in about 2015 (big F)
this turned into an unloved wretch of a quad as shown below built for fun not performance T_T (yeah that crap quad pic with biblades has the q4040 from the other pic when I crashed, the props were a gift from an amazing inspiration and helper for me (Thank you Dan!) so I kept them around for a very long time as they kept getting more chewed)
ive got some disgusting old terrible flight footage which I might post later



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kwadkenstine   Jun 03, 2019  

Cool to see what a old emax was supposed to look like. I bought 8 of those frames for $8 ea on ebay .Never built one the way it was intended just used all the bits still, using some. All the pdb boards fried or shorted against the carbon if not insulaited.
AAAArrr the good old days

IcarusIX   Jun 03, 2019 

haha yeah the pdbs were crap I was using external 5v becs squished in there, also 8 dollars??? jeeehzz. Nice to see the x5 being reincarnated into monster frankenstein quads:)

IcarusIX   Jun 29, 2017  

Yeah, i'm aware this is an old build but i'll post a few more soon because I have renovated it 3 times since I started then.(pic shows how it looked right before first makeover) Also, an attempt at combining tricks through rugby goal posts resulted in the battery death...

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