Xhover R5X - Oomph Velvets

By terranmetal on Jul 19, 2017

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AUW = 297 grams
With session 5 and mount = 391 grams

This is my 3rd build! The Soft mounted FC, light weight ESCs, and silky smooth motors makes for a beasty freestyle quad.

The frame was provided by Thatsthequy https://rotorbuilds.com/profile/2264

Its an awesome freestyle frame used by pro pilots such as GapItFPV, and Stingy's previous frame. I used to run a similar clone GEPRC Chimp, however this quad feels completely different, in a good way! It features removable arms as well as a weight of only 82g, and thats if you choose to use their supplied PDB.

Some parts I would love to highlight in order of satisfaction are
Armattan Oomph Velvet Edition - Amazing motors with more than enough power for freestyle, and by far the smoothest most efficient motors I've used. They are an upgrade over the original oomphs and I'm able to get an easy 4 minutes of freestyle on 1300mah batteries. They sound superb on V1S props
DYS F4 - Such an awesome FC with built in OSD and current monitoring running on 8khz, 8khz, dshot 600. Super easy to use layout and I love how I can have a single stack without an additional PDB
XM+ - This is THE receiver to get if you use FrSky. The range is outstanding on such a small receiver compared to my old XSR. I get a constant RSSI signal of 75 even from 500ft away, I'm sure I can push it to 1 or 2km if needed, meanwhile the XSR gave me 50 RSSI at 500 feet. Best of all it outputs RSSI on channel 16 without soldering a rssi pad, it works just with Ground, Voltage, Signal pins. I'm very confident with this receiver.

Overall very happy with the results from this build!



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thatsthequy   Jul 19, 2017  

Nice build Sunny! Once I get the Pod Racer up in the air we can go out flying!

terranmetal   Jul 19, 2017 

Super! I'm looking forward to it!

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