Mark 15 - Sneaky

By sekthree on Oct 17, 2017

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Mark 15 - Sneaky
3" Build made to "sneak" between the tightest gaps. Built with the Armattan Japalura, the little brother to the Armattan Chameleon, an indestructible design to harness the greatest of power.

To provide power to my kwad i went with the FuriousFPV power distribution board made for the Piko flight controller. It has no regulators, and is VERY light weight. Anything not able to be powered directly off the pdb will be able to power from the FC. For the FC I originally wanted to install the Omnibus F3, however when i saw there was an Omnibus mini I immediately decided on it, again due to being light weight. I would later come to regret my choice.

I LOVED the specs of the brother hobby Tornado motors, and i was right in choosing them as they pack a punch. 'Nough said.

Having installed the Foxeer Monster V2 on "PeaceMaker" and loving it, i decided to use it again. I originally bought a silver version, however in the middle of the build i found it to be defective. Once returned the only available monster was either black or blue, and since i'm trying to stick to an overall silver and black theme, i went with black.

For the VTX I chose the DYS Mi200 due to it's size and power. In the middle of the build it was VERY awkward to position it in the location i wanted, and so while waiting for my replacement monster, I bought an AltitudeRC nano for dirt cheap. After having installed the altitude nano, i'm not sure it's due to a lack of capacitor or shitty vtx, but my video feed is overlayed with TOO many lines. I think i'll be replacing with the Mi200 i originally bought.

The rx I went with the FrSky XM+ mini. Which is a perfect fit, and yep light weight.

Putting the frame together as a dry run I can already see how durable it's going to be. Dry fitting the FC i can see how much of a PITA it's going to be. I started thinking about returning it or opting for a full size Omnibus. The Japalura provides TWO sets of mounting holes in the bottom frame for a full size FC, and a mini FC, however the Omnibus mini is neither measurement, but somewhere in the middle. After fiddling around with placement, i found that the TOP plate of all things had mounting holes the same distance as the omni, the only issue was these were to mount the top plate to the frame. Digging into my 'box-o-bolts', and a quick trip to the hobby shop, I was able to get some M2 bolts that allowed the top plate to be mounted, and provide enough bite to attach M2 nylon standoffs. The FC fit perfect, but not an option I really like.

I mounted the PDB to the bottom frame providing enough gap to slip a battery strap through. The VTX and RX will be placed above the FC, and because of this everything had to be installed in reverse order: RX, VTX, FC.. as opposed to how i normally install components: FC first, then VTX, then the RX on top. Before installing and securing the nuts, i soldered everything together with enough wiring to allow the frame to come apart, keep in mind the FC, RX, Camera, and VTX will be attached to the top frame. I went with the trusty ol' Emax Bullet ESCs.

The flight is very nimble and very responsive. Battery is under slung. I'm Loving it.



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