JC Tribute

By SPST_V on Jul 07, 2017

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Just built a clone of my main quad with BLUE color scheme to remember him.

I could fry all of these without his help, rest in peace.


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notmojack   12 days ago  

Clean build!

Booda3000   18 days ago  

That looks like a mean MF! I bet it's blast to fly!

thatsthequy   20 days ago  

Hey man I am not sure if you know about them but RTFQ carries the Ideal 6048 prop. (if you're looking for a more "modern" 6" prop)

I just finished my first 6" build very similar to yours I should have a page for it up soon.

SPST_V   18 days ago 

Yeah I really want to try modern, well balanced 6 inch props.
I was about to get some of those but using props that can be only airshipped feels ridiculous.....

Nobody flies 6 inch here, I have 50 sets of this dal 6045 because local shop wanted to get rid of these for a dollar each.

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