Stupid Floss V6S

By Carbon_Rob on Jul 07, 2017

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V6S is 294g, 2408 2500kv, 6s floss. If you haven't seen it (, the original Stupid Floss had the Asgard FC. The Asgard had an unfortunate, epic, solder and capacitor exploding, esc burning end. V6S has been upgraded with DYS F4 and DYS 30amp 4-in-1. I don't expect it will last long on 6s, but maybe it will handle 4s better than the original. The DYS combo makes a clean stack with no soldering between the FC and 4-in-1 ESC The only draw back to this setup is the lack of current sensing. The FC supports SBUS (Betaflight 3.1.6 not 3.1.7), and smart audio via the Betaflight OSD.

################# Edit 7/10/2017 ####################

The 4-in-1 didn't survive the first 6s battery. It was replaced and the current sensor is now functioning. The current is routed through the flight controller and the xt60 has been moved to the rear. Will be flying with 4s.



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wiytboi   Aug 22, 2017  

Hay actually I'm going to do a quick motor swap and I'll go get some 6s footage for you. Even in the middle of night.. lol

Carbon_Rob   Jul 18, 2017  
wiytboi   Aug 22, 2017 

Wait that was suppose to be 6s? Cause it was more like 4s.. damn Yeah i just crashed my 6s helix, i would show you what 6s is really like.. you need to tune it cause it shouod be so screaming loud and fast.. just ridixouliusly fast. never runn a 6s rline before.. handles the rmrc 6s no problem. But the 95c rline. No so much.. did fine for first minute or punch out i guess. Now yeah needs new arm, motor, and antenna.. oh well tho.. its all fun and games... but im going to search cause o have to have a 6s run on gopro to post.. youll notice a huge difference in thrust... HUGE difference

Carbon_Rob   Jul 10, 2017  

Update: dys 30amp 4-in-1 did not survive the first 6s battery! Current sensing capability added with rebuild.

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wiytboi   Aug 20, 2017 

There isnt a 4 in 1 yet capable of withstanding 6s in my expereince.. ive looked.. might get few flights like dys 4 in 1.. but it wont last.. mine desoldered bunch of chips and xt60.. clean desolder. Just cause its rated 6s dont mean nothing. They never last more then few flights maybe.. or bust on lipo connecting.

Carbon_Rob   Aug 21, 2017 

Wish I had seen this before I took that 6s flight lol!

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