By Bandafpv on Jul 09, 2017

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Who says budget builds cant look good?!?! lol dressed up a qav-r raceblade clone with some trimmings. All in all fairly easy build. Flash it up with the latest on BF and it ought to be on rails even on default pids.



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Roto_RunnerFPV   Aug 06, 2017  

Loving the graphics on it.. very professional!

Whiffles   Jul 12, 2017  

Nice job coordinating the colors and keeping the price down. The only thing that concerns me are the missing standoffs for the top plate. Any reason you left them off?

Bandafpv   Jul 12, 2017 

Lol would you belive it the geniuses at banggood sent it minus too standoffs.. and the one i had was not the same in appearance and i didn't wanna mix it up on the standoffs n make it look walk wack. Long story short got em 3 weeks too late after.. put em on and took it for a spin ... after 3 weeks waiting on two measly matching standoffs! #fml lol

HuxleyX   Jul 09, 2017  

Those 5030s are horrible...get lumenier 5040 tris

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QuadX   Jul 09, 2017 

BTW - same person, different account ;)

Bandafpv   Jul 09, 2017 

Thanks man , will cart some ! Much appreciated! New to this place .. let me sub ya

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