Martian ll true-blue 5"

By Bandafpv on Jul 10, 2017

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Made this for a little guy on his bday.. kid loved blue.. n that's exactly what he got, Nuff said. N yea slapped in some reflective coating to find it in case it gets lout.


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Kaiju   2 days ago  

Custom risers?

Bandafpv   2 days ago 

Hehe yea the standoffs were switched with some matching blue ones. Not a fan of the default Purple standoffs that come with the martian. Luckily my ocd didn't kick in otherwise would have changed even the nuts n bolts to blue lol

Yukondokne   13 days ago  

did you use the built in PDB? or a different one?

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Yukondokne   12 days ago 

you using a 5v step-down? or will your FC take vbat? i have the Martian3 and i cooked my FC because im really new and didnt know that this FC is basically a vbat passthrough

Bandafpv   11 days ago 

I use 5 v regs step down. 😊

nomand   14 days ago  

I have an all blue QAVR build coming up that looks just like this one heh!

Bandafpv   12 days ago 

Hey that sounds cool ! Can't wait to see it !!

Whiffles   15 days ago  

Another nice budget build. I did a similar one with the Martian II and it's a great quad for the price. This is definitely the place to start when getting into the hobby.

Bandafpv   15 days ago 

Thanks bud ! Glad you like it!

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