Orange Powerhouse

By Rookrider on Jul 10, 2017

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This is my first brushless build. Was into the brushed micros for a bit. This has a total weight of 54 grammes without battery and 78g with battery. I love this new build it is an absolute powerhouse I can punch into the heavens.



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StickyRice   Oct 06, 2018  

BRUH! i think there a way for you to get it lighter. You can use a super_s flight stack, then also use a aio camera~ im trying to that but i cant buy the frame cause shipping doesnt reach where im from

Rookrider   Nov 17, 2018 

thanks but this is really old I still have the frame tho but its a 2s and yeah now with all the new stuff you could get it way down

StickyRice   Nov 17, 2018 

the frame is really hard to come by hahah

StickyRice   Nov 15, 2018  

is this 3 or 2s?

StickyRice   Sep 02, 2018  

omg 3 inch on a 1103 hahah have never seen a video? do they get hot?

Rookrider   Sep 02, 2018 

it was an old build so no video but nah not at all it had mad power

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