By SuperFLY on Jul 10, 2017

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The CB122 brings basics back to micros! A simple top and bottom plate with 4 standoffs comes in at 25g (frame only) and gives you maximum camera protection! So if you are tired of destroying your AIO FPV gear this is an awesome frame that leaves you with just enough space to fit the recommended FPV gear, VTX03 and micro Swift.

With a tried and true geometry the CB122 is a 2.5" frame catering to not only micro freestyle pilots but a reliable platform to race with in the micro BL class that MGP offers. The top plate is 1.5mm and the base plate is 2.5mm. Most frames in this size are either 2mm or 3mm and the CB122 nailed it with 2.5m, not sub par and not overkill but just right. This frame allows you to mount your lipo on the top or bottom. The frame also has 2 different locations for your FC. Both are 20x20 and 1 is M2 while the other is M3. This allows you to have the option of drilling out the M2 position to M3 if you decided to run a M3 stack, but the HGLRC is feature packed and has everything I was looking for like the following:
25a ESC
3 uarts
ability to go 4s

The prints in the picture are not final but the kits will include the Runcam Micro Swift mount and the antenna tube mounts. My dry weight is 90g and my AUW is 121g with a 500mah 2s Bolt.

Here is a video that showcases its ability to get the job done and also the Spintech 1106 8000kv motors.



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