248 Stretch P Plus + Build

By wklee.fpv on Jul 11, 2017

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5" build Stretch Plus+!!

3DPOWER 248-JENT-SP Stretch P Plus+ FPV Racing Quadcopter Frame
Matek F405-OSD BetaFlight STM32F405 Flight Controller Built-in OSD Inverter for SBUS Input
Spedix 30a 4 in 1 Dshot 600 BlHeli_S ESC
RCINPOWER GTS2305 2450KV 3-5S Motor
DALPROP T5045C Cyclone
RunCam Swift Mini 2.5mm
Eachine VTX03
Frsky XM+

Weight: ~270g


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Schwifty FPV   15 days ago  

How much of the front motor blocks the view in the fpv feed?

wklee.fpv   14 days ago 

45 degree camera angle + 2.5mm lens without any block.

MrPistachios   16 days ago  

Does it feel any different compared to an X or H frame? Great build btw!

QuadX   16 days ago 

Yeah - any good for freestyle?

wklee.fpv   16 days ago 

Similar pitch stability as my stretch X machine. comparing to X frame, it seems that much less effort is needed for 180 turns.
My freestyle skill is weak, but I think it is still good for freestyle after fine tuning the machine.

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