AstroX Switch & Split (SWAG)

By SPST_V on Jul 24, 2017

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Extremely well designed / engineered / produced frame.
Outstanding in any aspects.

Their support was impressive as well.
I fly freestyle only, this build was for urban tight spaces. So I was planing to put Armattan landing skids for some sliding tricks.
And CEO of AstroX saw my build plan on local flight group, and designed 3D printed landing skids after few hours!!!

It flies perfect except I am getting a bit noisy blurred FPV feed from Runcam Split.. records fine.
I have no idea, Split is powered from external 5V BEC and unify V2 is powered from Asgard.

So far so good. Maybe I will throw away Runcam Split after some flight trip..
Gopro Session has way better quality. It is reasonable but not for high quality freestyle videos.

Dry weight 365g, 500~530g with 1300~1500mah lipo.
I tried 850mah 4S as well, I could get decent flight time but it was too hard to control for me.
Slightly above 500g is the 5 inch sweet spot for me.
(I am 6 inch guy, couldn't feel comfortable with 620g 5inch builds)

Overall, pretty satisfied with this build. Killer frame.

Some of you might think it looks better with plain carbon, but sometimes I feel sick that we all flying basically same black things.
So I put some SWAG on it.

Build log and some thoughts below.

Urban freestyle build, aiming 500g AUW.
I have 3 extra sets of RS2306 but will consider T-motor air40 if it is too heavy and powerful.
Hope I can fit in triple stack in this frame...

Just received the frame, it comes with VTX / RX mount on top of FC stack.
(Removed whitenoise Unify stack board)
Comes with nice PDB but I will replace it with Runcam Split.

------- (Photo 2~6 is Kakute build)----------

Back to original plan due to ESC malfunction.
Kakute out, Asgard in.

And now I feel sick of trying higher looptime, I give up.
2~8k PT1 without notch filters flies good enough.

And from my experience, Kakute F4 AIO will not open the door to 16~32khz for all of us.
I had better gyro condition with 20602 IMU boards carefully soft mounted.
I would take this board for its robustness, that I can get 2~8k, PT1 without notch filters from any frames with hard mounting.
It will be very good for structural center stack frames.

(Seems like Airbot Wraith32 Mini discontinued!! WTH that was the smallest ESC over 24A and even with BLHELI32!!)
(Maybe they will come back with some updates)
(Please let me know if you know some ESC with similar size and performance)

It has slightly tight space for FC+VTX mount+Runcam Split stack.
I had enough clearance for battery strap - top mounted - when Kakute hard mounted.
After changing it to Asgard with rubber dampers and higher standoffs, battery strap barely goes thru.
But I can still access SD slot although it got harder.

Its VTX / RX mount board is genius.



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eovnu87435ds   Oct 14, 2017  

Hey have you tried using all 3 UARTs on the Asgard? looking for an AIO that I can use s.bus, frsky telem, and smart audio at the same time!

SPST_V   Oct 16, 2017 

Yes there is tiny pad for third uart and it worked. check out blue falcon's review. note that you will need uninverted sport hack on your rx.

Big Krons   Jul 26, 2017  

Awesome Build! Two quick questions, what size battery is top mounted in your pic? Wondering if I can top mount a 1500 or 1300. Also how strong are the arms feeling, any breakages yet? Thanks!!

SPST_V   Jul 27, 2017 

Oh that is Nanotech 4S 850mah. As mentioned I could get decent flight time out of 850mah but it was too light..
Most of 1300mah lipos will fit, 1500mah is a bit too long but pretty much OK. Tried Turnigh Graphene 1300 4S and Infinity Race 1500 4S.
I think Tattu R-Line square 1300 will fit this frame the best:) Maybe it will fit even with Gopro..

Had 2 carpark sliding session, so far so good. 1 bad crash but still fine. I fly slow:)
It feels very very solid.

Big Krons   Jul 27, 2017 

Awesome thank you very much for the information. Nice to hear it could fit those on top, a square would be interesting too! Beautiful frame thanks again.

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