Cheetah Stretch

By QuadMcFly on Jul 21, 2017

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Build up of a prototype XFoot stretch X frame. Flies amazing.


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Whiffles   Jul 21, 2017  

You got the R5s! (Checks MQTB for review) No review yet :(

QuadMcFly   Jul 22, 2017 

Got them in just before I left for vacation! I built this quad up at FF17 :D As soon as I get back I've got a load of testing to do!

SadisticLeprechaun   Jul 23, 2017 

Need them tests sir! Wondering about those R5 myself.

showintellpro   Jul 21, 2017  

Nice Clean Build!
and doz motars though :)

QuadMcFly   Jul 22, 2017 

Yeah they're pretty for sure! I really like this build.

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