SuperLight 3" - Sub 250g [RETIRED]

By LawnDart on Jul 30, 2017

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Target Weight is under 250g with the battery. We'll see...

EDIT: Finished building it. 239g AUW. A few more grams will come as there needs to be some strain relief added for the battery cable, padding on the bottom screws for the battery, and some hot glue on the VTX antenna connector.

It was a tight build with my choice of the Emax F4 Magnum stack. I had to mount it +90 degrees to fit it and the USB port is blocked, so the front posts have to come off to plug in. Not too big a deal when PIDs can be changed via OSD.


Part List


Speed Addict SuperLight (3 inch) (7 builds)

Flight Controller

EMAX Magnum Tower System (51 builds)


4 x Brother Hobby 1407-3600kv Motor (194 builds)


RaceKraft 3076 Tri-Blade Crane Style Propellers

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Swift FPV Camera (199 builds)


Furious FPV Micro U.FL Antenna


FrSky XM+ Ultra Mini SBUS Receiver (1422 builds)


Tattu 4S 850mAh 45C


FrSky Horus X10 Radio (Amber)


DJI Digital FPV Goggles - Ultra Low Latency 720p 120FPS Digital HD (87 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Hero5 Session (267 builds)

Misc Parts

Runcam/Foxeer Micro Swift Mount - SuperLight 3 (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Runcam/Foxeer Micro Swift Mount - SuperLight 3 (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Soft Mount Motor Pads - Small Motor (4 pad set) (2 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire TX (10 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A MINI Pocket Battery Balance Charger (57 builds)

Soldering Iron

Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station
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Lowepro QuadGuard BP X3 - Drone Backpack for 4 FPV Quad Racing Drones and 15" Laptop w/Exterior Mounts (Black) (24 builds)
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