The Hype Train Cometh...

By ArtimusPrimeFPV on Aug 01, 2017

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I've been waiting for this frame for a few months now. It came out literally just before I bought two alien 4.5 frames. So instead I got two of these. Second one to come soon. I broke an arm on my maiden. Clipped a tree branch at like 30 or 40 ft. And came cartwheeling down to earth... Yep my fault.... so I'm awaiting an arm for the other one. I went with these motors cause I had some efaws with bad bearings and decided swapping them for serges new mystery motor! Love them btw typical hyperlite motor (not brotherhobby if I have my facts straight). The fc is tried and true and I wanted to try the 4-1 esc with dshot 1200 and 32bit. She flies incredibly super easy to tune and incredibly stable. Just as everyone has said! Can't wait to build the next one. It will be identical except with Steele motors. Although she is heavy even like this 610g auw. Hoping the different motors will get me to my target of under 590!



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lebeg   Jan 07, 2018  

Hey Artimus, by any chance do you have a spare ESC? that you could maybe make a photo and post (top side). Burned some capacitors on mine and need a part number of the 5V bec installed on ESC. Thanks a lot.

enrbgill   Oct 27, 2017  

How are the 2307s treating you after a using them for a while - What kind of current draw/ flight times are you getting? How are they taking the crashes..?

idiotsniff   Oct 29, 2017 

enrbgill, I'd really like to know aswell. need some motors and was hoping to hear more about them.

ArtimusPrimeFPV   Dec 01, 2017 

So alright these motors are extremely torque and powerful but a little too heavy and a little to amp hungry for my style. Since I have switched to the 2306 2450 Deadpool motors and Red hulk motors and they are exactly what i needed. Both have been durable except I am no longer flying the 2307 and have them for sale if you are interested. 15$ each lol.. But the linear throttle curve is awesome on both. They feel very similar to me except more efficient on the 2306 and lighter..

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