Furcifer overratianus

By Walker on Aug 03, 2017

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Not much novel to say about this thing, so as a counterpoint to all the hype I'm going to be as critical as I can.

Carbon quality is mediocre - nowhere near Impulse or AstroX quality. Top plate delaminating at the rear after mild crashes on grass that didn't even kill antennae.

It's porky and has altogether too much hardware, which in addition to adding weight makes it a bit of a pain to work on. I swapped what seemed like the least structurally critical bits for blingy aluminum trying to lighten it up, then promptly sheared one M3 off and slightly bent the aluminum camera enclosure in a pretty mild ghost branch induced crash over grass. Managed to fish out the threaded bit and bend the aluminum back, but kinda feel like it ought to have been stronger.

The wide X layout delivers impressive stability on the roll axis, but it's really hard on the rear motors because of the increase in turbulent air. Overall I felt it was harder to tune than other 5" builds I've worked with. Had to add a 1000uf capacitor on the PDB, and lower Dterm below the point it felt most locked in to keep from smoking the motors. Yes the Emax ESCs are a tad noisy, I could fly less thirsty props, and the new dynamic filtering should help (almost seems like cheating), but I think it's still something of a design flaw. A compromise I'm not totally thrilled about at the least.

All that said, I finally feel like it's pretty dialed in and have been flying it as much as any of my quads, particularly since I sunk my Helix in the Pacific. Both camera adjustments are really slick and I like that Chris and the Armattan guys are thinking out of the box. Will definitely keep buying their stuff, even if I've been a little disappointed with their newest releases.

Edit 8/28/17 - I have broken a rear arm where it meets the body in a light/moderate crash (on the side where the weave alignment should be strongest) and am even more disappointed in the carbon. My rear aluminum spacer is also now bent (assuming this is because the top plate was already compromised in the rear).

I have initiated the warranty process on this as well as the japalura, and am hoping they'll send me a 6" bottom plate this time so I can use the rebuild as a long range mountain surfer rather than an acro beater destined to be broken again in the same spot.



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Suteki   Aug 08, 2017  

Did the carbon delaminate before you applied the paint marker and clear coat?

I had 2 quads I painted the edges of on the carbon. Within the next few flights, I broke arms on both of them (they weren't Armattan) in very soft crashes but I suspect painting them did something to the epoxy in the carbon layers. I never painted the edges of anymore quads and have only broken one arm on a quad since, but that was after many months and was the result of going into a tree trunk at full throttle.

Walker   Aug 16, 2017 

I painted and sealed the frame before I built the quad. Haven't had any experience with the phenomenon you describe, but it could well be a thing. I have crashed other frames with painted edges (albeit better carbon) onto concrete from 50-100 ft at considerable speed without delamination like what I'm seeing here.

QuadX   Aug 03, 2017  

How did you do the edges?

Walker   Aug 03, 2017 

I applied several coats with a Molotow paint pen (15mm tip leaves the most even layers), waiting ~24 hrs between coats. Then I used a razor blade to clean up any messiness and finished with a couple coats of automotive clear coat.

I like the paint pen method better than taping and spraying with Krylon, because it gives me plenty of time to plan my build and requires less tedious setup. Neither look that slick after a few good crashes, though, so be prepared to be disappointed if you're expecting more than ephemeral gratification.

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