Silver 2306 Chameleon

By raskar on Aug 03, 2017

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Well this is my second Chameleon!
After damaging my first one (About 2 weeks to get warrantied exchange parts), I decided to get a backup to get flying all the time.

So I decided to go a little bit bigger (and follow the hype) with 2306 T-MOTOR F40 vIII 2400Kv.
Those motors are superb, really nice mate silver finish.

-Aikon 35A 32bits ESC DSHOT1200
-CL RACING F4 (will maybe change for Matek 405-AIO)
-Foxeer Monster V2 FPV Camera

Same VTX/Antenna/receiver
-ImmersionRC Tramp HV v2
-TBS Triumph
-FrSky XSR


Part List


Chameleon (105 builds)

Flight Controller

CL Racing F4 AIO by Armattan (25 builds)


4 x Aikon AK32 35A 6S ESC (2 builds)


T-Motor F40III 2306 - 2400kv


GEMFAN 5152 - Bipales - Polycarbonate - 4pcs

FPV Camera

Monster V2

FPV Transmitter

ImmersionRC Tramp HV INT V2 - émetteur vidéo 5.8Ghz (79 builds)


Antennes Triumph SMA 5.8Ghz Team BlackSheep (TBS) - 2pces (82 builds)


Récepteur FrSky XSR (SBUS/PPM 16/8 voies) (EU-LBT)


Batterie Lipo Tattu R-Line 4S 1300mAh 95C
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vontuomas   Aug 13, 2017  

Hi, like your build! How do you manage inserting battery plug if the power plug is behind action camera? Is it too tight?

raskar   14 days ago 

A bit annoying sometime but its ok really

enrbgill   22 days ago  

Loving the look of the F40IIIs on the silver chameleon... What kind of flight times are you getting with them? How do they compare the the 2206 Oomphs?

raskar   14 days ago 

Well they feel a bit more powerfull to me, but I changed the ESCs as well

QuadX   Aug 03, 2017  

Love the build, how do you find those f40's in regards to power?
Was wondering whether the xt60 in this (link below) flight controller would match up with where you have yours behind the session mount?

raskar   Aug 07, 2017 

I dont think so, as I'm using cable I can bend them and get the desired angle, with a direct XT60 soldering it might be very tricky :/

QuadX   Aug 08, 2017 

Ok thanks for your comment. Am expecting my FC combo thing to come very soon, and will post the build once I'm finished.

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