Back in Black ( Black Pearl Stretch )

By UnderDawg on Sep 04, 2017

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In a pinch I was cruising Amazon looking for a new frame and happened to find the Black Pearl. I thought it was a really nice looking frame that comes with 5.5mm interchangeable arms and a HD camera mount that I opted not to use.

The DYS FC and 30 amp ESC combo allows for a nice tight stack and with a TPU camera mount I was able to drop the top a couple of mm more. I think everything turned out nice and I'm looking forward to trying out the Hobbywing 2205 motors on a stretch X frame.



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Briefly Flying FPV   13 days ago  

What a beauty!!! Congrats!

Carbon_Rob   16 days ago  

Very clean!

FissionBomb   19 days ago  

Another sexy build. Great work again!

UnderDawg   19 days ago 

Thanks!! You've got some nice builds yourself..

FissionBomb   16 days ago 

No way, your stuff is on another level.

Nitro Nut   19 days ago  

What parts did you use to mount the camera? Nice build bt the way. Looks very well thought out and executed.

UnderDawg   19 days ago 

Thanks!! That's the Floss micro cam mount. I have a couple of other TPU mounts in the mail if that one doesn't work out.

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