Diatone GT2 200 Freestyle Custom Build

By Ashade on Aug 09, 2017

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A light and durable X frame suitable for both racing and freestyling, rocking one of the best motors in the market right now.

334g as seen in the picture, though it should easily go down with a lighter VTX.

Grab the controller and the ESC from Aliexpress. It'll be cheaper and you can choose an option with BEC if you want. I included alternative parts for the VTX, grab whatever you like best. The top option is the one you should be shooting for, unless you have another option.



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enrbgill   Sep 22, 2017  

How're you finding the 4in1 ESC with these motors - is it getting hot?

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enrbgill   Sep 25, 2017 

Nice one, they aren't much more than a single name-brand ESC, I like it!

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