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By Bushwacka FPV on Aug 13, 2017

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So I had my first floss for 3 months now, and its has been by far the fastest frame for the given motor size. I currently have 3 5 inch up and running, and one 4 inch 1407. Got lucky enough to snag one of the first 100 floss 2 frames.

The top mount though make huge difference in the way the quad flies. It is literally so easy to fly fast and low its almost boring, so to make thing more interesting I have been flying faster and closer to obstacles. Since I got my first floss built up, I have nt won ever local race I have entered but I have set the fastest time ever time. I am not even that good of a pilot, the floss is just that easy to fly fast.

The flight controller is the Asgard AIO FC,4 in 1 esc, PDB, and OSD. Its been solid for 2 months now and probably over 100 packs. Its now running BF 3.2 and easily running 32k/32k D shot 600(havent tried 1200 or proshot yet). No complaints on the FC, people say they have been burning them up but I guess on 2204 3022kv even running 4s on triblades its been solid. I do like an OSD, so I have no comment on how that features works. one comment on this FC into this frame is this though. You need to put the battery leads front of back not to the side. Running the lead forward means you have easy access to the Micro Plugs and most importantly the USB, but the power lead is an awkward spot. Since I am set it an forget type of guy I run the Lead out the back and the USB forward. I ended up moving my Liatian buzzer to the left side of the frame so that I could access the USB just by untilting the camera.

The motors are the Hyperlight Floss 2204 3022 kv. These would be an awful choice for MultiGp racing as they are simply to amp hungry, but for short races, Time trails and running longer races on 3s they work awesome. In fact this quad is honestly barely any slower around a track on 3s.......high KV low weight, and I can run the Hq props . I get around 2:30 to 3:30 of fun flight and about 1:45 of balls to wall on 1000mah 4s. maybe 2:00 on 1300mah 4s when on 4s I use the lower pitched and stiffer DAL 5040 Tri V2 I also use this in our 3s race class with a 1300mah 3s and swtich the HQ 5043 Tri blades and the light and more pitch prop lets the 3s voltage work better. on 3s this quad is faster than any other non floss quad I own on 4s.

The FPV system is the lightest possible CCD 25m/200mw with pitmode I am aware of. I was running a TBS Unify Race on the OG floss build but since I do not use smart audio the TBS is kinda of a pain to deal with. The Eachine VTX03 while not smart audio compatiable, is lighter, easy to go though the menu, displays its channel+power output way easier, and IMO produces a much better image than the my TBS Unify race(that was even run though an LC filter). The Micro siwft cam is a amazing little CCD cam and fits really nicely into this quad with supplied Mounts or the ones from Brain 3d if you want another color.

BLING!! this is the blingiest thing I have ever built. I am running the stock stand off length but with out the lock nuts underneath in the front. 20mm in height, in the rear I am running 15mm stand off with lock nuts underneath. The arms guard on the end serve the function of stopping chipping(I have bounced over concrete and nothing has happened as well serving to soft mount the motors. but this quad is very green.



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tehllama   Dec 10, 2017  

This thing is awesome... and inspirational to be honest. I tried to clone it, and more or less succeeded.

Bushwacka FPV   Dec 11, 2017 

yeah I plan to rebuild this exact set up with 2722 KV so that 4s is slighty more useable on more props. I am keeping this one just to be a 3s ringer for any 3s class I run into.

wapfpv   Sep 27, 2017  

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to my floss 2 build

Carbon_Rob   Aug 13, 2017  

Nice build and component selection. I need a floss 2!

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