Shrieker 130 Screaming Rocket

By gulzaar on May 27, 2016

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I wanted to build a micro, sub-250 gram frame that I can easily transport around. I settled on the Shen Drones Shrieker for a frame and DYS 1306 motors. I actually used littlebee ESCs that I had lying around from a crashed build, and I also had a D4R-II which I de-pinned to save weight and space.

Man, this thing can fly! It's a rocket, and I feel it's even faster than my ZMR180 which I also run 4S on. This build required very little tuning(I could do a bit more adjusting to really get it locked in, but even with an initial tune it is flying pretty well), and I get about 4 minutes of flight time with fairly aggressive flying.

Even a slight throttle up sends this thing shooting out, so it's challenging and fun to fly, especially in tight spaces. Realistically, I am never going to fly this indoors, so I like the extra power.



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