Orange Fury - 4" Armattan Japalura

By Airmaxx23 on Aug 18, 2017

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The 4" Armattan Japalura is currently my favorite quad so I have a few of them now, this is actually my 3rd one. I again sent some braces to "Pig" on RCGroups and he did a wonderful job stripping them and anodizing them orange. I used an orange paint pen to highlight the edges of the frame and then an Xacto knife to clean any paint that was on the top or bottom of the frame. You can contact him here.

The 4-in-1 ESCs are becoming very popular but I personally would rather have separate ESCs in case one of them needs replacing. I'm using the Armattan 20a ESCs because they are fairly small/light and are running D-Shot 600.

The flight controller is a BetaFlight F3, some people don't like it because the ESC power pads are on the bottom of the board but I actually like it that way since it makes for a cleaner looking build.

The rest of the electronics consist of RotorGeeks 1407-4000kv motors with HQ 4x4.3x3 V1S props and RMRC orange prop nuts, an Eachine VTX03, LemonRX DSMX satellite and a Foxeer HS1177 camera with the 2.5mm lens.

The weight without a battery is 182.7 grams.



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OmDrone   Oct 11, 2017  

Love your build, where did you get the orange metal from?

Airmaxx23   Oct 11, 2017 

Thank you very much. I sent them to Pig on RCGroups, he stripped them and them anodized them for me. He did the same thing for me with my Blue Japalura build and Tiger Chameleon build. You can contact him through RCGroups here.

naomarius   Aug 28, 2017  

Question I'm looking to do a 4" build using this frame as well. Could I use the emax 2306 2750kv motors or should I simply stick to 3000kv+? Love the build just looking for advice before I start to buy up parts.

Airmaxx23   Aug 28, 2017 

This frame is intended for 1407 motors, larger motors won't fit. I've tried 1407 3200kv, 3600kv and 4000kv motors and the 4000kv motors are the best when using the HQ 4x4.3x3V1S props. It literally feels weightless when flying it because of the amount of power/speed it has.

naomarius   Aug 29, 2017 

What sized battery are you using typically? I've been using 1350 on a 4" DMR that's sporting Cobra motors running at 2600kv. Just wondering if I can get away with even a 860 4S. Thanks for your input, it's nice to know before I start this build.

Airmaxx23   Aug 29, 2017 

A 850mAh 4s is the recommended battery size but I always go one size bigger so I'm using 1000mAh 4s packs. A 1300mAh packs works but it feels a bit heavy to me.

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