Strawberry Basher

By UnderDawg on Sep 12, 2017

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I recently took advantage of the big BG sale and bought enough parts to build a couple of quads. This is my new basher...
I built this one using the F4 Flame and opted not to use a 4-in-1... I think she turned out clean anyway and I'm looking forward to crashing it up this weekend.


Part List


Anniversary Special Edition Martian 215 215mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit 136g (9 builds)

Flight Controller

F4 FLAME Race Spec STM32F405 Flight Controller Built-in BETAFLIGHT OSD 5V BEC PDB Current Sensor (12 builds)


4 PCS Racerstar RS30A Lite 30A Blheli_S 16.5 BB1 2-4S Brushless ESC Support Dshot150 Dshot300 (6 builds)


4X Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2300KV 2-4S Brushless Motor 2 CW & 2 CCW For QAV250 ZMR250 (46 builds)


10 Pairs Racerstar 5038 2 Blade FPV Racing Propeller 5.0mm Mounting Hole for FPV Racing Frame

FPV Camera

Foxeer HS1177 V2 600TVL CCD 2.5mm/2.8mm PAL/NTSC IR Blocked Mini FPV Camera 5-40V w/ Bracket (6 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro HV 5G8 - Race (SMA) (273 builds)


Makerfire 2pcs 5.8GHz FPV Antenna Circular Polarized TX RX RHCP SMA for FPV Racing Drone like QAV250 etc


2.4G 8CH Compatible Receiver for Futaba T6J T8J T10J T14SG S-FHSS S-SBUS (13 builds)

Misc Parts

Misc Parts

4pcs 3mm Aluminum Alloy (T6061) Cone Washer For RC Models Φ3xD8xH3mm 016-03903R

Misc Parts

Alien 5” LiPo Pad Replacement (Black)

Misc Parts

Misc Parts

WraptorSkinz Vinyl Craft Cutter Designer 12x12 Sheets Skulls Confetti Red - 2 Pack

Misc Parts

30mm M3 Female/Female Anodized Aluminum Standoff x 1 - Choose your color
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Dogoman FPV   Sep 14, 2017  

Wow! Dude that thing looks amazing! Where did you get that skin? Also did you use shorter standoffs?

UnderDawg   Sep 14, 2017 

Thanks! I bought the Skinz on Amazon. I listed the link above in misc.... Also I did drop the top 5mm .

Mish   Sep 13, 2017  

Looks amazing! I'd have trouble forcing myself to beat this around.
Any reason for original Racerstar 2205 rather than the newer 2205S? Just curious.

UnderDawg   Sep 13, 2017 

I have that problem with all my quads. As for the motors, I got a better than listed price for just the 2205's

Mish   Sep 13, 2017 

Ah, fair enough. Thanks.

ThatGuyIvory   Sep 13, 2017  

Looking good! Red is not a common quad color from what I've seen but you've sure made it look good.
May I know how have you mounted that XT60 on the back?

UnderDawg   Sep 13, 2017 

Thanks!! That's the Plastic Spider TPU mount. I used a m3 loc- nut on the underside of the plate to hold it in place. I bought it here. other than that it's just 10mm mesh zip- tied to the bottom of the frame. BTW the black and red matches my truck and my Fat Sharks.

FissionBomb   Sep 13, 2017  

Are you going to do a softmount pad to keep the battery off those screw cap things?

UnderDawg   Sep 13, 2017 

Most definitely. I may cut down some landing pads for that job.

Whiffles   Sep 12, 2017  

Looking good! I've always avoided those red motors because I just don't know how to match them. Seems you had no problem complimenting them.

UnderDawg   Sep 12, 2017 

Thanks!! I bought the vinyl back when I built the Frog Lite, but it just didn't work out on that build.

Carbon_Rob   Sep 12, 2017  

It's nice to have a beater quad to get risky with.

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