GP120 2.5" micro

By jwangdk on Apr 07, 2018

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My 2.5" micro. Absolutely love it!!

The motors run very well (would get 7500kv next time though) - and the battery is a good size.

125g AUW with 450mah 3s Nanotechs. A little heavy but I'm using alu standoffs front and back and alu screws in the front because topmounted battery, the frame is heavy (AND thus durable) and the battery strap and leads could be lighter. Was a little worried about the 1104 7500kv motors for a setup this "heavy", but they're really running well - and only luke warm even on 3s!

Flying it with Skyzone Sky02s goggles and a Taranix Q X7 transmitter.



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StickyRice   Oct 31, 2018  

I wanna ask aobut what bats you use and how long of a flight time because im planning to do a similar build. We have the same frame, mines a 1106 5500kv, spedix is100 w/ 20a esc. You think itll be effecient? Any Advice?

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jwangdk   Nov 10, 2018 

If you wanna use standard hardware, drill out the holes suuuuuuper carefully. Other than that it's a great frame!

elliot   Dec 16, 2018 

From the pics it looks like you've got M3 screws on the frame. Do you think you'd have to drill it out for M2 screws?

jwangdk   Dec 17, 2018 

Don't know the size of the holes, but maybe, yeah. Never used M2....

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