MRM Scythe 130 (Raziel)

By Dark.Avenger on Mar 15, 2017

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MRM Scythe 130

Part List


MRM Micro Scythe 130mm Frame (11 builds)

Flight Controller

X-Racer F303 Flight Controller (41 builds)


4 x MRM Zeus 20 Amp BLHeli ESC


4 x DYS BE1306 3100KV Brushless Motor (2 builds)


TEAM RACEKRAFT 3x3x3 TRI-BLADE PROP 3030 (Blue Clear) (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Mini Digital CCD FPV Camera (2.1mm Len / Sony SUPER HAD II CCD 600TVL / IR Block) (18 builds)

FPV Transmitter

FX799T Mini 200mW 40CH 5.8GHz Raceband Transmitter


TBS Triumph 5.8 GHz Antenna - SMA (212 builds)


FrSky X4R-SB - 3/16 CHANNEL RECEIVER WITH SBUS (11 builds)


4 x Bonka Power 850mAh 4s 45/90C XT-60 (4 builds)

Power Distribution

RTF V5.0 Power HUB&BEC 5V 12V (28 builds)

Misc Parts

FPV Pod Armattan MRP130 HS1177 by SumFPVDude
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Zzyzx   Mar 16, 2017  

How did it work out fitting the Mini HS1177 camera in this build (can't tell from the background picture, no other photos)? I've only been able to get a smaller CMOS camera into the frame, the larger HS1177 & Swift had to go up on top. I don't like mounting the camera on top, too vulnerable to crash hits, and I also don't really like the CMOS cameras--prefer the additional clarity of the CCDs. The new RunCam Swift Mini seems to be the same 26x26mm size as this one, and I ordered a couple of those, so I'm interested to see if that size fits.

Dark.Avenger   Mar 16, 2017 

It's currently being rebuilt with that FPV Pod I listed above It gives it pretty good protection but does make the stack taller than I'd like but I couldn't deal with the limits of the small CMOS cameras. Too dark when looking out with the horizon nearly level and poor dynamic range. I will update this to show the final product some time next week for now it's in pieces on my work bench.

Zzyzx   Mar 16, 2017 

Ah, thanks, I missed that! So even the mini won't squeeze into the frame? That looks like nice pod solution for top-mounting the camera, I'll have to print one up and see how it works out. Thanks!

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