Neato Widowback - Odette

By FeeferFPV on Aug 30, 2017

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This is my build for the Neato Widowback. This is my favorite frame hands down. It is currently being tested. There probably will be many more changes to this frame as it is continued to be developed.

Quick note for the build though. I don't think I have had a flight controller more buggy and problematic than the Betaflight F3. I STRONGLY advise against going through this. I had to download the IDE and modify the code to get it to work as the Betaflight configuration tool didn't want to play nice.



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SquidRiot   Sep 06, 2017  

How does the V tail effect you experience? What are the benefits?

FeeferFPV   Sep 06, 2017 

So, with the v-tail you do lose thrust on the back end, and it makes it feel sort of "swoopy." It is very similar to a tri-copter in a lot of ways. What I really like about the v-tail though is that despite the lack of thrust on the back end, your yaw and roll work together taking less effort (in my opinion) on the sticks to maintain a smooth turn. Hopefully that answers your question!

SquidRiot   Sep 06, 2017 

Do you race or freestyle?

FeeferFPV   Sep 06, 2017 

I actually haven't gotten into freestyle yet. I am currently working on a freestyle quad though! I am a race guy so far.

Goose_FPV   Sep 05, 2017  

What is that mesh like wrap around your wires called?

FeeferFPV   Sep 05, 2017 

That is paracord. I just think it looks neat. You can buy it at walmart, or ebay, or other hobby shops for pretty cheap. It is a glorified shoelace really.

dzenbot   Sep 05, 2017  

The frame looks really really interesting! Did you have to do any special configuration on Betaflight, considering the rear motors are upside down?
Also, I can imagine breaking props on the rear motors very often because of the angle, and well, landing is hard sometimes. Haven't you experience that?

FeeferFPV   Sep 05, 2017 

Betaflight has a configuration for V-tails which makes it a lot easier. As for the rear motors, all you need to do is put the propellers on upside down as well and it acts just like the motors are right side up! So far I haven't broken a prop, they also designed some landing gear to help with landing and not slamming your props on the ground. I removed it though and I had some issues with vibrations on the back end when I utilized the landing gear. When I land I hover a few inches from the ground and disarm.

Roto_RunnerFPV   Aug 30, 2017  

How do you like this frame? I've seen a few builds with it, and it seems really interesting

FeeferFPV   Sep 04, 2017 

I love this frame actually. It is still in development though. Not sure when their release date is but they are now calling it the Neato Strikker if you want to see more!

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