By ThePanda on Sep 01, 2017

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My cavity 217 design with a new version of arms I was having issues with the older style delaminating and causing arm twist. As pictured it weighs in at 269g.


Part List


Cavity 217 (3 builds)

Flight Controller

Raceflight Revolt V3 Flight Controller - Latest Version (43 builds)


Spedix 30a 4 in 1 ESC (47 builds)


4 x PyroDrone HyperLite 2307-2522 Team Edition (10 builds)


DALprop T5040 TriProps Version 2 (2CW/2CCW) (4 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Swift 2 (102 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Matek VTX Video Transmitter With Smart Audio - 25/200/500mw SMA (8 builds)


FRSKY XM+ Receiver - SBUS (456 builds)
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enrbgill   Sep 30, 2017  

How are you finding the 2307s? What sort of current draw and flight times are you getting?

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ThePanda   Oct 02, 2017 

Im really happy with them. So happy i have them on 3 different birds. 2 race quads and a 5" alien style freestyle quad

enrbgill   Oct 06, 2017 

Haha, really like them then! How do you tend to fly? - I sit fairly low on the throttle for most of my flights and wonder if I wouldn't be better with a low kV for low end torque, although these motors promise to be quite efficient at the bottom end

ThePanda   Oct 16, 2017 

I fly very mild with some burst. These motors do the trick with the middle of the road kv have plenty on the lpwer end for mild flying. With awesome top end speed

Gear Reviews

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By Whiffles 15 days ago

The ThinkTank FPV Airport Helipak is the premier travel bag for FPV enthusiasts. I've taken this bag across the country and around the world, and I really can't imagine a better pack for the job. It's huge. It's the size of a carry-on luggage, and it's designed specifically for FPV. It offers customizable compartments that can store a handful of quads, a transmitter or two, a couple sets of goggles, batteries, tools, props and a laptop. If you're feeling lazy you can even pack a couple quads without removing the props. You'll never find yourself saying, "I wish my bag was bigger." Build Quality This is a nice bag. It offers enough padding to securely carry all your FPV gear. The exterior padding is quite thick and rigid. I feel safe packing my goggles and transmitter without any additional keep reading..

4 911 
By Whiffles Oct 24, 2017

The EV100 Micro AV Recorder is a DVR for the Eachine EV100 headset. Eachine should have built this into the headset, but here we are. It's about the size of a matchbook and works quite well despite a short learning curve. It's powered by the same battery included with the EV100 and uses the white balance lead. Other than that you can use either of the included 2.5mm to 3.5mm cables to plug it into the video input/output port of the EV100. You can either strap it beside the battery in the headstrap or use the included double sided tape to mount it to the top of the goggles. Vs the Eachine ProDVR This is obviously a repurposed Eachine ProDVR, but it does simplify the design. The ProDVR has different pins for each input and output. In fact the entire side of the unit is dedicated to various keep reading..

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