Airblade Intrepid

By furiouspug on Sep 04, 2017

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Built, but waiting for ARL license before I can fly FPV in Japan. Everything went together well enough. The frame is solid and looks really nice. Top mounting the batteries and as someone pointed out the battery will sit right at the prop line.

I wanted something sturdy with all the cool new features, so went with upgraded hardware, Armattan 1407s, TBS SmartAudio and Runcam split. Split PCB is right against the top plate, so no fear of the SDcard gate opening. Also, only three screws to remove the top plate and I have access to SDcard.

Using titanium 6mm screws and a whip antenna the dry weight is 199 gram. This is with Runcam split, a 30.5 x 30.5 flight controller and TBS SmartAudio VTX. Not the lightest for a 3 inch quad, but the feature trade-off makes it worth it.

build notes:

  • Armattan uses M3x8mm bolts to lock their propeller down. I swapped them out with titanium ones to save about 1 gram of weight.
  • To get the TBS VTX to lay flat and not have the wires exposed to any props, I had to raise the FC 10mm and use a shorter middle stack mount for the Split PCB.
  • Littlebee 20A - Spring ESC were flashed as A_H_20 and needed to be updated to A_H_25 to work. With the older software the motors would lose sync and all esc would reset trying to spin up. Increasing the deadtime to 25 seems to resolve this issue. Found this info in a forum post.



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RocketSquidFPV   2 days ago  

Really, really beautiful.

Dropkickjohnny   17 days ago  

Sweet build! Have you checked to see if the props are in view when the split is recording in HD?

furiouspug   13 days ago 

Finally got to checking, the props can be seen in the recording, but just barely.

Haven't tried flying yet, so not sure how props at speed would show up.

furiouspug   13 days ago 

You got me thinking, and maybe swapping from 2.5mm to a 2.8mm lens should be enough to remove the props.

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