Okra Gumbo 3"

By theGreenOrange on Sep 06, 2017

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Okra Gumbo

This was a build for a friend on the internets. The name fits with the colors and a favorite dish from my home town of New Orleans (some pictures of my wife cooking one included).

I did all the extras on this one for him, it is 95% done. The main thing left is to swap the receiver for his brand. I did conformal coating on the electronics, sanded and sealed the frame, fully sleeved everything, etc, etc and then undid one of those etc and did it again. This took a lot of mock-ups to jam all this stuff in there. But I am pretty happy with the outcome. Weighs in at 158g. So not my lightest 3" build but it has things like an SMA connector, a Tramp HV, and plenty of 4100kv power :D

The Tomoquads XBL2 seems like a pretty nice frame. It was a little tight with the parts I chose but workable. I am a little sad to see it go but it was a fun build.



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Jtrjr   16 days ago  


You outdid yourself on this one! That is one amazing looking bird, my good friend! I can't wait to get my hands on it and I am honored to be it's proud owner.


UnderDawg   17 days ago  

Nice build!! I lived on the West Bank back in the day.... and now after looking at your build I'm hungry for some gumbo.

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