By Minichado on Sep 06, 2017

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Twins!! Fast as hell. with 5045 dal I can easily get 2:30 of flight at 80% throttle, and land and settle above 3.7v/cell. purpose built to be fast as hell for multigp races.

If you want this pod, you can order it here

Did I mention fast as hell?

Edit: Just finished my own custom POD design for this frame + micro swift 2. I am now more in love with it than I was before. Flies great. Haven't checked new weight yet but I've stopped caring about weight so much (it's efficient enough and fast enough already) and now I'm just focusing on flying this bad boy on the edge. first race will be 9/23/17



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lazd   Oct 20, 2017  

I love the blacked out look! This thing is mean!

Jodie Froster   Sep 27, 2017  

Ok you are going to hate me now, but you HAVE to find a way to make the hot lead on your battery connector match your bells (or at least make it black)

Minichado   Sep 27, 2017 

oh yea, I can easily swap the red wire out for black, and get a black xt-60 connector.. stealth as she comes... that would be siiiick!

Minichado   Oct 03, 2017 

you inspired me on my latest build, black bat leads and black XT60 :D

Jodie Froster   Oct 03, 2017 

Dat skinergy!!!

mudbutracing   Oct 01, 2017  

Any chance you have plans for the pod? I love this design....

Minichado   Oct 03, 2017 

hey! I am currently trying to get it printed and tested in TPU. so far I have only been able to print it in PLA which is not-optimal. when I get the design sorted in TPU I may sell them with a recommended parts list (only fits certain ESC's, runcam micro swift or the foxeer micro). I have also considered designing the same pod but for different, normal sized cameras but I haven't gotten that far yet.

Minichado   Oct 03, 2017 

Hey, I added the design to my shapeways shop

Jodie Froster   Sep 27, 2017  

DAAAAAAAAYUM SON!@?!!?%$%$%$ That looks mean AF!

UnderDawg   Sep 26, 2017  

Clean build!! Love the pod...

Jodie Froster   Sep 07, 2017  

It looks GOOD as hell too! I'm thinking that if you were willing to move your cam foreward about 5mm you could drop it an inch, and prooooobably drop your top plate by 10mm

Minichado   Sep 07, 2017 

oh for sure man. I think I can come up with a small 3D printed POD for this frame and make it a bit more resilient and more compact as well!! build went together cleaner than i could have hoped so there is a ton of room in there I can cut out !!

Minichado   Sep 26, 2017 

p.s. you should check back, I finished the pod design :D:D:D

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