Sirio X2

By Napalm on Sep 07, 2017

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This is my first micro build, but I really like it so much.
It was coming in a DIY set from helipal, and in this set there was almost everything there what I needed for the build. I am really happy with the supplied parts, the quality is great, there are only 3 parts what I found not OK in the DIY kit:

  • for the battery cable is better to use AWG16 cable with XT30 connector
  • better to change the VTX for a stronger one, I think I will go with TBS Unify
  • The original battery straps are useless, they are too short for any kind battery

BTW: I broke my camera lens fixing ring, and can’t buy it anywhere for the RunCam Micro

Update: After a small crash ( its crazy because not even the prop was bent and the motor has not had contact with anything) one of the magnets moved out on the motor :( No chance to repair, have tu buy new motors.


Part List


STORM Racing Drone Sirio-X2 Frame Set (2

Flight Controller

HGLRC XJB F428 OMF4-OSD FC + BS28A 4-in-1 BLHeli_S DShot Micro Stack


4 x HGLRC Flame HF1105 Micro Brushless Motor (6000kv)


GemFan 2035BN 4-Blade Propellers (Purple / CCW + CW)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Swift 2 FPV CCD Camera (600TVL)

FPV Transmitter

FXT FX808T 5.8Ghz Micro VTX (200mw w/ Raceband)


FrSky XM+ Micro 16 Ch. S.Bus Receiver


ACEHE 650mAh 3S 75C Racing Lipo

Misc Parts

3D Printout Frame Guard for Storm Sirio-X2 / Moby-X2 (Soft TPU)

Misc Parts

TBS Vendetta small/Gimbal Strap (3pc)

Misc Parts

Antenna Tube - (2 pack)

Misc Parts

3D Printout Canopy for Storm Sirio-X series (Nylon)
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Carbon_Rob   15 days ago  

Nice build. It's so cute!

Napalm   9 days ago 

Thank you! Unfortunately the motors are not very durable :(

Carbon_Rob   9 days ago 

Oh well...

ThatDamnGuy   9 days ago  

Nice build, super clean and sleek.

BlackbirdFPV   13 days ago  

You can buy those camera rings. I have purchased them before in a pack and they are better than the stock ones. LMK if you need a link.

Napalm   13 days ago 

Please send me the link. I can not find them because they are not M12 like usual camera rings, they are M8.

BlackbirdFPV   12 days ago 
Lionel   15 days ago  

Great!.... Are you sure 4s 650 on this little thing??? Not to heavy????

Napalm   15 days ago 

Sorry it was my fault, i run it on 3S, but you are right, the AceHe LiPo's are to heavy, so I am waiting now on some lighter LiPo's.

My first choice was Gensace, but they are useless.

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