Doberman Badass Mach1

By dickflys on Sep 14, 2017

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This build is based around the August Drone Drop Box frame. With such a light frame I wanted to build a very light quad.

The original build was planned with a Matek F405 AIO controller. I chose to pair that with the Spedix Lite ESC purely for size to fit on the arms instead of trying to fit a 4in1 ESC in the stack. I also wanted a build to try out the RaceDayQuads Mach 1 VTX. I noticed that RaceDayQuads had rebranded Brotherhobby R2 motors at a great price. Lastly I paired it with the Foxeer micro instead of Runcam, again just for testing.

Issues with the F405 AIO on a different build changed my mind and I switched to the CL_racing F4 AIO controller. Overall this is a much cleaner board all around. Flight controller and motors are soft mounted with spare parts. Motors are soldered to the foam taped ESCs on the arms and fully heat shrink-ed as an assembly before attaching to the frame.

During assembly I found that I was uncomfortable with the radio receiver wires being exposed to snagging on the battery strap. I added a dirty plate under the FC. With no 4in1 and the VTX mounted to the top plate there is a lot of open space. All that room make it easy to use the push button on the VTX, I could drop the standoffs from 30 to 25mm at the expense of easy access.

The open space of the bottom plate allows for access to the receiver bind button.

Total weight w/ CNHL 1300mah 446grams



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morsha   Mar 11, 2018  

Are the esc big enough for those motors? Planning to buy those escs. I like the 20a because of the size. 25 and 30a are just slightly bigger but I am a fan of individual escs rather than 4 in 1´s, and due to space restrictions I need the 20a. I am not really a super fast pilot so maybe 20A are ok, just wondering if the motors isn´t too much.

dickflys   Apr 02, 2018 

I've been flying this Spedix 20 Lite and RDQ 2205 motors for 6 months now. Even at 120amp peak punchouts I have not popped an ESC. Only phisical damage has killed a part. I have build 2 other quads using this same ESC/Motor combo since.

Dafoof   Oct 27, 2017  

that quad look wicked fast! how durable/powerful are those motors?

dickflys   Oct 27, 2017 

These are branded Brotherhobby R2 motors, same as the Hyperlite V2, and maybe others. They are really fast for their weight on a light build like this (266 grams). I'm almost never holding 100% throttle. I have no issues with these motors in flight, they don't get hot, I haven't burned one out. Crash durability is not amazing, the propshaft is aluminum and part of a single casting of the bell. The chance of damaging the bell and shaft is a not insignificant in a hard crash. The price/performance makes them very attractive even with the chance of damage.

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