By FissionBomb on Sep 10, 2017

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Garuda Stretch that I built in one day.

After my first Garuda non-experience and fire I thought I would never get one again. The Fates smiled upon me and a Lumpydonut decided to sell his Stretch frame to me. I had a spare Asgard FC/ESC/OSD/BEC AIO and slapped it on. I stole the camera from Diego's Recommendation since that thing is a dumpster fire and added a 2.1mm lens. I had a Race Canopy and an HD camera canopy in my Lumpy care package so I went with the HD since it was a little more robust and less beaten. I added a U.fl pigtail that would run to my VTX03. The Asgard fits with 5mm standoffs perfectly over the Garuda's canopy screwdowns. 4S LEDs sit on the rear arms and glow in a matching green color. The motors were 2205s 2300kv Red Bottoms that I got on sale from for $9.99 each. The motor wires needed to be extended so I used my drawer full of various lengths of wire to reach my ESC pads. For a clean look I soldered with the wires facing inwards off the ESC pads. I wired the VTX03 to the OSD pads on the flight controller and powered it with the 5v pad. I powered my Flysky A8S RX with the 5v pad and ran signal to TX1 which is UART1. I got that all soldered in and used a "Love Kit" plate from my iFlight to compact the wires and hide everything. I used doublesided tape to hold down my VTX03 and RX. A little hot glue on the U.fl connector and shrink wrap around the RX antenna. I went with 5051 props to finish it off which are a PITA to tighten.

My maiden went extremely well and this quad flies like a dream. Very nimble and quick. It carried an Action Camera with no issue.



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