Featherlight 5"

By add1ct3dd on Sep 12, 2017

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This is one of the prototype Featherlight 5" builds by Falcon Multirotors out soon, I am building 2 identical, weight is 200.2g with everything but lipo. I have opted for the Stealth VTX which is heavier, but should provide much cleaner power over the VTX03.

I've also gone for a long XT60 pigtail to cable tie to the arm, this should stop it being yanked from the battery in a crash and ruining the power pads on the Ori 4in1 esc.

update: 22/09/2017: I've since moved to 25mm standoffs, so that I can run locknuts on the inner 20x20mm stack to further secure the arms. I've also switch the arm plates around so the one that holes the camera is now on the top, not the bottom. Due to the extra height of the standoffs, running these plates in reverse means they now fit perfectly again. I've increased weight slightly (maybe 0.5g) going for bigger standoffs, and switching out to nyloc nuts, but the endgame will be entirely worth it. It also means my stack has a little more height adding more room below for the battery strap, but also more room on top for the VTX.



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Kbobiles   3 days ago  

Do you have the STL files for that FPV micro camera mount? Or know where I can buy it? I know the frame comes with carbon fiber camera mounts, but I really like that look.


add1ct3dd   3 days ago 

I do not I'm afraid they were provided with the prototype frame when I got it, try speaking to @Lazd he maybe able to hook you up :)

Kbobiles   3 days ago 

Good tip, and was able to get a link from @Lazd! Here it is for references: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2759032


Quadxl   Nov 18, 2017  

How much space did you leave between the frame and the Ori?
It looks like the battery strap is really tight in there.

add1ct3dd   Nov 18, 2017 

Not that much space, but enough space that you can slide a battery strap in without taking anything apart if you snap it :)

Quadxl   Nov 18, 2017 

Just with 1 nut between the plate and the Ori?
In my build there is a built-in nut in the plate, added another nut and it feels too tight.

ClfHngr   Sep 14, 2017  

Did your Ori 4in1 come with the heatsink? If so, did you install it and how?

add1ct3dd   Sep 14, 2017 

no heatsink here no, wasn't aware they came with any :)

Quadxl   Sep 13, 2017  

ohhh Larry, you changed almost he whole setup after I started to purchase the parts LOL.
waiting fro this frame already to be available.
It looks awesome!!!

add1ct3dd   Sep 13, 2017 

I mean you can run whatever you want, this is just what I wanted to run :) If I had remembered I would have gone for the Raceflight 20x20 fc, but otherwise definitely an Ori and the rest of the stuff :)

Booda3000   Sep 12, 2017  

Awesome frame. How can I get one?

add1ct3dd   Sep 12, 2017 

I believe it will be out soon :) @Lazd is your man for that!

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