Hypetrain GEPRC Leopard - LX5

By Airmaxx23 on Sep 21, 2017

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I normally only buy Armattan Frame for their design, lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. I came across the Dquad Obsession and liked the looks of it but couldn't justify paying over $100 for a frame without a lifetime warranty. If Armattan had made the frame I would have bought it instantly. After looking around a bit more I stumbled upon the GEPRC Leopard (LX5) which is obviously a clone of the Obsession but I liked some of the things they did to the frame and the fact that it was roughly half the price.

I still prefer to use separate ESCs rather than a 4-in-1 ESC so that if there is a problem I'm replacing one ESC rather than the whole board. I went with the Sunrise Siskin 33a BLHeli_32 ESCs which are running DShot 1200. There was a sticker on each ESC with nothing covering it so I used some clear heat shrink to cover the stick so it doesn't peel off.

There are plenty of F4 flight controllers available but I really like the BetaFlight F3 so I used one for this build. It will probably be replaced with BFF4 when it is released. Some people don't like the BFF3 because the ESC power pads are on the bottom of the board but I actually like it that way since it makes for a cleaner looking build. The easiest way to solder up the ESC power wires is to flip the board and ESCs over on the frame, solder the power wires in place then flip it back everything over and solder on the motors. The board is mounted with some anti vibration standoffs to prevent an vibrations from getting to the gyro.

The Hypetrain 2306-2450kv motors have been out for a while but have been out of stock until recently. Once they were available I grabbed a few sets and used some on this build with the Emax Avan-R 5065 props and will be powered by 5S 95C 1300mAh Tattu R-Line packs and 5S 100C 1300mAh CNHL packs.

The rest of the electronics consist of an Eachine VTX03, LemonRX DSMX satellite and Runcam Swift Mini with the 2.5mm lens.



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