LongRange brushed quadcopter (1+ km)

By JakubFPV on Sep 21, 2017

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Kofi   Jun 12, 2018  

do u buy a controller or make it

Kofi   Jun 15, 2018  


Kofi   Jun 12, 2018  

what controller did u use

JakubFPV   Jun 13, 2018 

Its all there

Reptile   Mar 22, 2018  

Could you please tell me the weight and flight time?

JakubFPV   Mar 23, 2018 

AUW is 62g, and flight time is ~5:40 on full throttle

juliojair   Mar 08, 2018  

Looks pretty good! Good work.

Gingertop   Jan 23, 2018  

Hi, could you post a picture of how you attached the cloverleaf to the VTX03? Also how well does this fly maneuverability-wise?

JakubFPV   Jan 25, 2018 

Hi, it has an u.fl connector so that's how you attach it, then I secured it with a little hot glue.
Its pretty bad maneuverability-wise to be honest, since it's low T:W ratio

FissionBomb   Sep 22, 2017  

I'm so confused as to what makes this a long range quad VS anything else? Just the fact that you're using an XM+? I'd be afraid of flying something this small very far. I lose mine 50 feet in front of me.

JakubFPV   Sep 22, 2017 

I think that the 5+ min on full throttle flighttime makes it long range :)
And the XM+ can go probably 2+km easily
and the 200mw vtx compared to standard 25mw on similiar builds

FissionBomb   Sep 22, 2017 

Fair enough. I think long range is relative. Considering this is such a small craft "long range" is relative.

JakubFPV   Sep 22, 2017 

Exactly :)

thegreen4me   Sep 22, 2017  

Very cool but I bet you could do 2km with a real battery instead of that zop crap. When zop says 850mah what they really mean is 500mah but the weight and size of an 850mah battery

JakubFPV   Sep 22, 2017 

Thanks for the suggestion, I think you are right. If I try a longer distance I will get a better lipo for sure.

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