Speedy pink Spintech

By Rhygin on Sep 22, 2017

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Bright and clean

The Spintech frame and polycarbonate canopy really caught my eye. The arms are very "thick" but thin in the airflow direction. Painted the canopy with a bright Tamiya paint to hopefully avoid losing this quad in the grass. Could go a up to 3" props but will see in the future. Build was super frustrating due to a series of board/esc challenges. First - I messed up a few of the ESCs as the pads are really small. The second board was a dud. I really like the "clean" build of pinned FC/ESC combos but we shall see about durability. Note... I had to rewire all 4 motors to correct the direction
The motors have very strong magnets... very strong



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the Skonk   Sep 28, 2017  

hows it fly on those props? I'm running them on my Emax 1106 6000kv build at 3s nd 4s and they are really smooth. i have a set of spintech motors waiting for a frame to arrive..

Rhygin   Sep 28, 2017 

ummm... it is fast... and given my skill set... I have put it down a few times in tight spots. I am not a great judge but i need to get some tuning help as it jitters on full throttle a bit

furiouspug   Sep 23, 2017  

Working on mine right now! Did you paint the outside or the inside of the canopy?

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Rhygin   Sep 25, 2017 

yes.... Just use some black electrical tape to cover it up... I had just a bit of overspray, but it came off without fuss
What are you using for electronics gear?

furiouspug   Sep 26, 2017 

Iflight F4 flight stack. Someone reason, If I connect to the Betaflight via USB and plug in my lipo I can Arm via Switch, but if i disconnect the USB and unplug/re-plug the lipo, I can no longer arm. I think it might be a ibus issue, but at least the iflight customer center started replying to my emails.

I brought 2 canopies when I ordered mine, and plan to paint one of the canopies, will head to the local hobby shop to see which colors they have.

Rhygin   Sep 26, 2017 

hmmm... ok... was seeing if you had the same board that I did. Tamiya is the brand to use for the paint. There are like 25 colors...

Carbon_Rob   Sep 22, 2017  

I like the color scheme!

Rhygin   Sep 23, 2017 

Thanks! The pink seems to show up pretty well on grass fields!

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