Milano MKII

By banq on Oct 24, 2017

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ShowMeWhatYouGot Braap with m0ke pod. All black TPU. HobbyWing 40A stack. Will be my "Everyday" rig. Crossfire and GPS for mid to longer range excursions.



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Fpv_Alexander   28 days ago  

Really nice 5s build!

Fishbone   Jan 17, 2018  

Nice looking build! Did you leave out the standoff on the left side to access the micro usb port on the FC? I'm trying to figure out what to do on this frame with this stack to reach the USB w/o it being a total PITA.

banq   Jan 17, 2018 

I normally leave it on and just tune/ configure with OSD. I've flown a few times without that standoff while trying to tweak settings that aren't in the OSD, but it's ended with snapped FC pins and a smooshed USB port so not doing that anymore.

Fishbone   Jan 17, 2018 

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I don’t know how often I’ll need to plug in for config changes as I’m coming from Kiss and don’t know what all I’ll be able to do with BF OSD. I’ll find out soon enough! Thanks again

sylo   Oct 25, 2017  

nice build!! any source of getting gps work on a x-rotor stack? (i'm using futaba s-bus, so my UART1 is taken)... couldn't do it on naze32 because gps and s-bus share same port..

banq   Oct 25, 2017 

Haven't gotten my new GPS antenna just yet but this is the guide I used last time:

kiddrone   Oct 08, 2017  

What frame will you be using? Also, have you ordered your LS2207s yet? I'll be curious to see how you like them

banq   Oct 09, 2017 

It'll be a ShowMeWhatYouGot Steez with the m0ke pod. Pretty sure the frame is going to be the last thing to become available. Just ordered my motors from PiroFlip.

banq   Oct 09, 2017 
  • ShowMeWhatYouGot Braap

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