5" Hyperlite Floss 2

By Airmaxx23 on Oct 02, 2017

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I know the Floss frames are technically for racing but I'll be using it for general flying and free style so the extra weight of 2206-2722kv motors is not a concern for me.

I still would prefer to use 4 separate ESCs but since this frame is designed for a 4-in-1 and I wanted to use 5S I went with the DYS F30a. It's rotated in the frame 90 degrees CCW so that the battery pads line up with the pads on the flight controller. The signal wire for motor 3 is on the pad for motor 1 of the FC, wire 1 is on pad 2, wire 4 is on pad 3 and wire 2 is on pad 4.

I've used the BetaFlight F3 flight controller on several builds and like it's features and layout so now that the BFF4 is available I used one for this quad. It's soft mounted with anti vibration standoffs to minimize vibrations reaching the gyro.

Since I'm not to concerned with weight and wanted to use 5S I chose the HyperLite V4 naked 2206-2722kv motors with HQ 5x4.3x3 props.

The rest of the electronics consist of an Eachine VTX03, LemonRX DSMX satellite and Runcam Swift Micro Swift with the 2.3mm lens.

Rather than pay $10 for the arm protectors I designed and printed my own. The included camera brackets are slightly too wide so I drew up some new ones along with a dipole antenna holder.

The AUW without a battery is 254 grams.



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Southpaw Fpv   Oct 28, 2017  

Im probably going to make copy of your build because i absolutely love it going shake up the color scheme tho how does it perform and any problems you have with it

Airmaxx23   Oct 29, 2017 

Thanks a lot. It's very fast with the 2722kv motors and 5S, it flies great. I did have to print some 2mm thick TPU spacers to use in a few places (between the ESC/FC and under the top plate) for clearance. I've had no problems at all but you'll find you need to set P and D in BetaFlight much lower than stock. Let me know if you have any questions.

CesiumSalami   Oct 16, 2017  

Basically just gonna start tracking your builds so I know which frames will have quality 3D parts available on thingiverse :)
Thanks for all your great designs. And great builds!

Airmaxx23   Oct 16, 2017 

Thanks a lot. I just received the SpaceOneFPV Aurora 5 X frame that I order (on sale for $34.90) and finishing up some test prints tonight. Already have some arm guards done and printing some TPU Runcam Micro Swift camera mounts to replace the stock camera plates.

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