Mode-2 Ghost

By tinyty on Oct 06, 2017

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Mode-2 Ghost frame.



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Thatguyfpv   Jun 29, 2019  

what is that anttena mount?

tinyty   Jul 05, 2019 

something on thingiverse.

Beastie Builds   Dec 24, 2017  

Do you like the race flight setup the best? And do you prefer the 2205 motors with the 20x20 stack because they are less hungry for energy from the small esc or just because they are lighter? I am interested in 20x20 setups and don't know much about them.

tinyty   Dec 24, 2017 

I have 2205 and 2204s on the Spark and millivolt stack from Raceflight. I have 2206s with a 25a ORI ESC and the Millivolt. You can run just about any 2205 on the Spark 4in1 esc. If you don't want race flight, I have another build with a 25a ori 4in1 and a Omnibus Nano FC with BF on it. 2205 on a really light setup is good for me. I can stay on the throttle and I just fly more smoothly.

Beastie Builds   Dec 25, 2017 

Have you ever had a RF spark esc blow up on you?

tinyty   Dec 25, 2017 

I have flown hundreds of packs through the 8 that I have and only 1 blew up. It was when I over propped and was doing some weird flips. Something weird just happened, But Raceflight guys replaced it for cheap.

Beastie Builds   Dec 24, 2017  

Nasty cool build! How is the mini 20x20 setup? If you were to build another one, would you do another 20x20 or switch to full size?

tinyty   Dec 24, 2017 

I have 6 rigs on the 20x20 setups. They work great.

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