Winning XHover Win5 Superlight

By PinchTune on Oct 11, 2017

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Since my Armattan Japalura build was so well liked, I decided to post another to Rotorbuilds. What we have here is an XHover Win5 that I aptly call “superlight” since I have two more Win5s in the pipeline.

The main focus of this build was I wanted to see how light I could go on 5 inch while still being practical and crash-worthy. The other thing was it had to be KISS CC and I had to be able to tune it via LUA scripts on my Taranis.

I’ve had great success with the KISS CC on 3 inch and 4 inch. I wanted to build a 5 inch with the KISS CC, but of course, you have to be very selective with your motor and prop choice as to not exceed 16A per corner.

The motor of choice is the Hyperlite Floss Series 2204/2722kv. For some, the 2522kv version is more apt for 5 inch props, but I was planning on using a pretty shallow prop anyway, so I figured 2722kv would work.

Initially, my prop choice was going to be the HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S. However, that’s A prop that I like, but have never fallen in love with. I recently tried the GemFan 5042 WinDancer for freestyle and I was immediately in love. So, I decided it should work for this build given the shallow 4.2 scoop.

The camera of choice is the RunCam Micro 2, mainly because I’m not running a MinimOSD on the KISS CC and I at least want voltage in my OSD. Because I want to be able to tune using the KISS LUA for the Taranis, I needed a receiver with telemetry. This rules out the XM+ that I’ve been using on Betaflight builds. So I ordered a pair of the new R-XSR only to find out that LUA scripts didn’t work with it. Luckily, just a couple of days ago FrSky released a new firmware patch for it and fixes the issue. I flashed it and boom. It works! I even made a video on how to do it. It will be live on the PinchTune YouTube channel.

Finally, the VTX is the trusty TBS Unify Pro Race HV. I don’t power the VTX from the KISS CC, that’s why I went with the HV version. The VTX antenna is a Lumenier / True RC AXII u.fl to keep the weight down even further. I even sprinkled some titanium fasteners here and there.

Even thought super-lightweight was the main goal with this build, I still decided to add a cap to it. All my KISS CC builds have been clean and have clean video. However, this one being the most powerful of the CC setups, I figured a capacitor would be smart. I added a 35v 680uF Panasonic low ESR. Somehow I managed to put it inside the build with space to spare. I even included a micro-beeper in there since I often race in places where the quad can end up stuck in a tree.

The quad or originally a bottom battery frame. The folks at XHover designed it I think to also allow to mount. I still thought the top deck was too high for top mounting a battery at 30mm. So I replaced the knurled 30mm standoffs with stronger 7075 hex 20mm standoffs from RMRC and ditched the factory full-size camera mount. Instead I used TPU micro camera mounts from Brain 3D.

That low, the camera would actually clash with the edge to the FC if placed high up on the standoffs. To solve that problem, I flipped the bottom plate around to allow me to move the camera all the way down to clear the edge of the FC.

In the end, I have a very capable and fast quadcopter that can fly with a 1000mah 4S to keep the weight below the standard 1300mah that is normally used for 5 inch props. Dry weight is a pretty impressive 215 grams with everything except the battery.


Part List


Xhover Win 5 FPV Racing frame (18 builds)

Flight Controller

KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One (4 builds)
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4 x Hyperlite 2204 Floss Series 2722KV (18 builds)


Gemfan Windancer 5042x3 Props (5 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Swift 2 Orange 2.1 Lens (49 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race (SMA) (555 builds)


Lumenier AXII U.FL 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (148 builds)


FrSky R-XSR S.Bus/CPPM 8/16 Channel Micro Receiver (936 builds)


Tattu 1050mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack (9 builds)
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FrSky Taranis Limited Black Special Editions (62 builds)


HDO FPV Drone Racing Goggles - FSV1122 | Fat Shark
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stefanm84   Oct 12, 2017  

Do you have any flight videos? Awesome build! I also built something similar. Just waiting for the motors to come back in stock.

PinchTune   Oct 12, 2017 

Flight videos are coming. I'm doing the maiden in the next few days.

Energyjms   Apr 06, 2018 

Any video on this setup yet?how is the flight time with 1000mah 4s?

PinchTune   Apr 06, 2018 

I'm sure I have video, I just haven't published anything I don't think. With that 1000mah 4s I can do a full 2-minute race, however, I do notice sag. I've started flying lightweight 1300s on it because of that.

enrbgill   Oct 27, 2017  

Nice build.. I like the brown motor tops with the orange standoffs!
I was thinking of putting an AXII antenna in the same place on my chameleon but worry that it isn't sticking out enough to clear the battery or top plate in most orientations, how do you find the signal?
I'm also still stuck deciding between the Unify HV to power from VBatt or the V3 to power from my FC, have you used both?

PinchTune   Oct 27, 2017 

Hi, easy answers. The way I mount the VTX antenna on these racers is not optimum for range. But it doesn't matter. These are built for racing, not for freestyle.. at close range, this placement is absolutely fine. In fact, and we run 25mW for our races here and it still works. In fact, I have friends that just put them inside the frame.

As far as the Unify, I have run both. Both are great. However, if you are going to run the 5V version, be sure you have a BEC with a lot of headroom. You might be OK if you are running 25mW or 200mW, but for 500 or 800, you need a lot of current. Meaning, if the BEC claims 1A or 2A for 5V, I would not do it. I would only run the 5V VTX from a BEC that can provide at least 3A. Hope this helps.

enrbgill   Oct 27, 2017 

Definitely helps, thanks! It's nice to hear you get everything you need from 25mW, especially with the antenna inside the frame, gives me a lot of confidence, and you might have saved me a headache with the 5v VTX, cheers. - Keep these builds coming

Scotty_FPV   Oct 11, 2017  

We have very similar builds...I like how yours is set up. how is the Kiss CC handling those motors?

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Scotty_FPV   Oct 12, 2017 

I think my next light build will be 20x20 with the new spedix 20a 4in1. Should be able to handle most motor/prop combos and will cut down on some weight.

PinchTune   Oct 18, 2017 

I'm planning on putting that ESC on a Slipstream 3 frame from Horus drones that I still have.

PinchTune   Oct 18, 2017 

BTW, I just ordered a set of these same motors, but 2522kv. I did some testing today and I'm pulling 15.5 Amps per corner at peak throttle. That means the KISS CC can handle it, but, 1. I wanted a little bit more headroom and 2. 1000mah packs can’t keep up. I refuse to run a 1300mah pack on this build. So I’m pulling these 2722kv motors off and putting 2522kv on, and that should do the trick.

The other option would be to run the 5x4x3 V1S, but I honestly don’t want to run those, so.

CesiumSalami   Oct 13, 2017  

Second build I've seen on this frame and they both look fantastic - really like the frame and was wondering about the top-mount-ability so I appreciate the detail there (i'm pretty stuck on top mounts).

I was eyeing these motors from RCX which are more like 2350kv. I only have one set of hyperlite's (and they're great), but without thrust tests it's hard to compare their 2204's to anything. Not looking for top end as I don't race - more efficiency than anything.

anyways.. i'm rambling.. looks like an awesome build!!

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