Floss 2 F428 20 x 20 stack

By QuadifyRC.com on Oct 21, 2017

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Going to try racing this year after learning with the classic UAV Futures build and the having a whole lot of fun with Micros. The Micros taught me the value of light so that is the focus here.

Build was based around the floss 2 with a brother hobby 2205 motor. I went with the raceday quads variant instead of the returner R2 because they had 7075 aluminium and the naked bottom... That and $10 shipping to NZ! Then when the XJB F428 launched it was a great way to go light with minimal effort. It may end up exploding in a ball of flames but what an explosion it will be!

Sticking with lightweight I am going to see if the 1000mah turnigy graphenes will cut it for racing.

If you have read this far then I have a lot more details on the build here:




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ArcherFPV   Mar 20, 2018  

Wow I'm literally building the same quad. Lol. I got the frame from a bud of mine that I fly with and jut ordered the rdq motors last week. I come to rotorbuild and search floss 2 and bam I see your build.
How did the stack work out with the rdq motors?

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ArcherFPV   May 26, 2018 

it is! i love my HAWK 5. shes fast and locked in.

QuadifyRC.com   May 28, 2018 

Mine is meant to be waiting at the front door when I get home :D

ArcherFPV   Jun 05, 2018 

sweet! have fun with her! lol

mascaras   Nov 26, 2017  

Nice build Quadify !!

QuadifyRC.com   Nov 26, 2017 

Thanks man! Been following your build on RCGroups too. Doesn't cost a lot these days for a good light racer.

JC250   Nov 07, 2017  

Has the lack of weight made your quad more "durable". I find on my quads which are 500-630g AUW have needed to have their motors replaced every 2-3 months due to everyday crashes into dirt and pebble. I want a quad that I dont have to buy a new set of motors for every couple month just because of everyday crashes

QuadifyRC.com   Nov 07, 2017 

I can't speak for the motors but it certainly has for collisions. I had a failsafe about 15m off the ground onto tar seal. It was a lucky crash as the impact was taken by the pagoda antenna and prop nut. Only lasting damage was a scratch on the prop nut and the antenna is now a little wonky.

UnderDawg   Oct 23, 2017  

Nice build!! Thanks for posting the battery pads fix. I had a pad lift off just changing out a battery... gonna give this a try on the rebuild.

QuadifyRC.com   Oct 23, 2017 

Hey thanks :-) Happy to help. Have to credit the guy on the youtube channel FPVtv drones for this one. I'm happy if it just reduces the risk of lifting a pad but would think it would help with conductivity too.

Xudus   Oct 22, 2017  

Nice build! Apart from the motors, Iwas going for the same setup, but I'm very skeptical of the ESCs. HGLRC FCs have been great fore me, but I've read mixed reviews of their ESCs as they're a new area for the company. Please let me know how you like them and your peak amps with those props.

QuadifyRC.com   Oct 22, 2017 

Cheers man! I've put 6 packs through them near my house and no issue yet. No dipping on punch outs either. No current sensor on this one sorry. I'm hoping to rce next weekend so that will be the real test. Check out my build link above on how to use heavier gauge VBAT wires to the ESC

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