By jstoltz on Oct 19, 2017

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UPDATE: Larry released a new canopy for the bull shark and looks amazing. Printed one in Taulman 230 and hit it with some blue dye. You see the results. The other added bonus of the canopy is the camera mounts further forward leaving room in the stack for that third board. The stack is tight but this just became a real easy build. Just buy the HGLRC stack, throw it in there with a micro swift, and go! 80g is the weight now.

Winter is coming.

It gets cold here, the kind of cold where it's not fun to go outside and try and fly quads. So we tend to find indoor places to fly like gyms or even the office with Tiny Whoops. I wanted a micro brushless to tear around a gym with and Larry at Falcon Multirotors had just the frame to get started. This is a Bullshark frame that may be in production soon. Supports full size cameras (we all know those tiny little CMOS cameras are kind of crap....), a 20x20 stack, and up to 3" props. So it's a micro using real parts, whoo!

Even though this build is tiny, it was actually one of the easiest, quickest builds I've done to date. The HGLRC 20x20 stack is super easy to build with. The 4in1 ESC pins to the FC and then the FC has a great layout with pads needed for both Spektrum Satellite RX and pads for the FPV system to route through the FC for BFOSD. Solder your motor wires to the ESC, stick the FC on, then run a few more wires for receiver and vtx/cam and you're done! There is just enough room with 20mm standoffs to fit the entire HGLRC stack too.

UPDATE: like my linear antenna mount? Download it here and print it yourself: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2594435

This thing flies great! Tuning needs a bit of work yet though. BF 3.2 defaults aren’t quite setup for micros. I’d suggest halfing P and D to start with and then work up from there.

Once I got the time better, it flies like a normal quad. None of that brushed “sag” you get where you can’t pull out of dives or turns. And speed you ask?? PLENTY. Seriously, lot of fun to fly and hit small gaps.



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Mfost37   26 days ago  

Can the frame fit gemfan 2540s without the canopy? I want to get this frame and use the gf2540 but not print a canopy.

Mfost37   26 days ago 

Also, what angle do you think the camera is mounted at with the canopy?

jstoltz   26 days ago 

Yes 2540s will fit without the with the stock carbon build. I'd estimate the camera tilt 30 deg or so with the canopy

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