Hyperlite Floss 2

By @B_RadFPV on Feb 18, 2018

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Finished building the race quad, and I have to say this is my cleanest build I have done to date. The Vtx is temp, I have a mount coming for it. Just wanted to get some pictures to share with y'all!



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Drones_Brigade   Feb 27, 2018  

Reminds me of my build. Almost the exact same parts. What’s your AUW?


@B_RadFPV   Feb 27, 2018 

I’m not going to lie. Yours def inspired me for sure. My dry weight is 274g.

Drones_Brigade   Feb 27, 2018 

Dammit. Mine is heavier by like 30g

@B_RadFPV   Feb 27, 2018 

I need to reweigh it. I added a mount for the axii and rx antennas.

Minichado   Feb 19, 2018  

Love it! You prefer biblade on 2550? I've been using em on 2750 but tri's on lower kv

@B_RadFPV   Feb 19, 2018 

I’ll be honest man. They were the only black props I had on hand! I’ll be trying tri’s soon.

crepitus   Feb 24, 2018 

I actually used to fly the 5050bis almost exclusively on my floss2 but now I'm in love with hulkies

littlebird_fpv   Feb 22, 2018  

hey, where can I get the STL for that sexy canopy ? :-P

@B_RadFPV   Feb 22, 2018 

Check thingverse! I actually ordered mine from piroflip! I sadly don’t have a printer :(

crepitus   Feb 24, 2018 

Its the Mayday FPV Canopy by Phoenix 3d Solutions. Id highly recommend you buy one instead of print because its an incredibly durable nylon canopy by a guy who really knows what hes doing. If you cant print flawless nylon, putting a canopy on a floss is significantly weakening to its structure. Plus phx3d is epic so support them.

tehllama   Feb 19, 2018  

That setup looks rad, VTX looks fine even. Is the plan to keep that antenna mounting, or are you looking at some other method (canopy with integral AXII mount, or relocating to an arm)?

@B_RadFPV   Feb 19, 2018 

Brain3d has a mount for the axii I have on the way.

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