Purple Nurple (Japalura 4")

By JMarker on Oct 23, 2017

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The purple nurple! Awesome little frame from Armattan. I chose the 4" variety because I like 1407 motors, and it's a nice sweet spot between standard 5" racers, and micro builds. Both this and my Rammus 180 are as nimble and maybe even quicker at high-speed directional changes as my top performing 5" (220-260mm) builds. Also, both 4" quads are backflip champions. Insane backflip abilities, where I can mash the throttle to sore up, up, up, stall out the motors completely, and flip it multiple times in zero G and easily, smoothly recover to continue the flight arch downward. Stalled backflips just look cool too, I think. It looks like it's being thrown through its flight line. I can't do this with any of my 5" setups. Who knew that having only 4" would be a good thing? But it really is in this case!

I've been gravitating to smaller quads lately, and I think it's because they just hit that sweet spot. Don't get me wrong, I love my standard sized racers, like the Karearea Talon 246, and my custom built TBS Vendetta, but my latest two builds in the 4" class have each been extremely fun, building in such a tight space and make it all work, and certainly fun to fly with reckless abandonment. I fell like I've sped up the tape by 1.5x when flying these two setups. Highly recommended! Especially this Armattan Japalura 4" frame. One thing to note, tuning is crucial to making the 4's feel right, as if they do have a bit of weight to them when in the air. Some may find a stock tuned 4" jittery, or easily up-ended, but tuning the PIDs, or making some curves/expo in your transmitter will help drown out that feather-light feeling of a smaller, lighter quad with essentially the same power and torque of a 5" or 6" pulling it all over the place. That's been my experience with these 4" builds anyway. But I'm also a fairly new pilot, just FYI. About 8 months since my first serious quad build. So I am still learning a lot, and have many more quads to build and experience.



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doc   Nov 11, 2017  

Try some of the 4" hq 4.4.3 v1s props, I think you will throw all your kk's in the trash. I'm running them on a 4" atom and love them.

theGreenOrange   Oct 25, 2017  

Are those props any good?

JMarker   Nov 08, 2017 

They seem to work quite well on this 4" build. There's just enough clearance for the prop, and the 1407 motors seem to handle their pitch rate just fine. 4" props seem to be pretty limited across the market, which I find strange because that build size is fantastic, I think. All of my 150-180mm builds are so much fun to fly, and freestyle with. Turns out I have more 4" builds than I do 5", or micro.

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